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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Secret? Celebrity

I'm not quite sure there's anyone anywhere who doesn't know who Hannah Montana is after this weekend.
Julia loves Hannah Montana. Julia's second grade class even has a theme song and it's sung by none other than Hannah Montana. It's The Best of Both Worlds. They sing it because being bilingual is the best of both worlds!

Because Julia and her second grade friends love Hannah Montana...
Alyssa (and Hunter and Palmer) love Hannah Montana and introducing her to their friends!

Andrew heard that the Hannah Montana 3D concert was coming to Cinemark. He decided I should take the girls. Add three tickets.

He then decided they should take a friend, afterall, it's just like a concert...only cheaper. Add two more tickets.

He then decided we should all take the limo and go in celebrity style like pop stars. Add one driver.

He then proceeded to say we should fill up the limo. It's more fun that way. Add six more tickets.

It had to be stocked with their choice of beverages. Add Sprite and Mountain Dew.

While we were at WalMart buying said beverages, we saw that they had Hannah Montana t-shirts for a mere $6. Add ten t-shirts.

This is what you get...a crowded, loud, giggly and excited bunch
filling up on popcorn, soda and candy while waiting for Hannah's appearance on the big screen.
A great time was had by all. Alyssa loved dancing to The Best of Both Worlds, riding in the limo with her friends and when the Jonas brothers threw a drumstick into the crowd and it almost hit her in the head (3D remember?). All Julia could talk about were the snacks, food and movie previews...go figure...Even Hunter is still loud-singing all the songs. I think Julia had a fun time just getting all dressed up and acting like she owned the movie theatre. She thinks she's a teeager, I think. She was born that way! I still have the whole soundtrack playing on automatic repeat inside my head. Like I said, there's nothing secret about who Miley Cyrus really is...

1 comment:

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

That looks like fun, but I gotta tell you I think this is one of those times I am glad I got boys...don't know if I could handle all that!!!

Julia definately looks like a rock star.