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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Thoughts on Straight Hair

This is what a super nice, super encouraging, super sensitive husband buys his wife. A flat iron...For your frizzy hair and stubborn cowlicks.

I asked for a Chi.

A nifty, awesome, expensive little thing.

They cost over $100, sometimes way over.

No, I didn't beg for it. I didn't even ask for it for Christmas. I asked him to put it on a list and buy it for me after I'd had a bunch of closings this summer, when I was tired and needed encouragement. When it was humid and I needed de-frizzed, soft, luxurious, silky, shiny, straight hair.

He went to Ulta the next day.

He went fully prepared to fork over $100, to shell out the big bucks for his silly wife's crazy morning hair.

The sales girl told him it was his lucky day.

This new company, Wigo, was selling their product for a discount price of $29.99. After all, it was not an inferior product, it was on sale to promote the brand and generate interest. It was a comparable flat iron. She went so far to say that in fact, it was no different.

It's a cute, sassy, pink, little thing.

It works awesomely.

Is it as good as a Chi?

I don't know. I've never really used a Chi! But it is better than my $7.99 job from Target. That makes me happy.

Have any of you used both? Is it really the same? Did he get a good deal? Ladies, I'm not talking money here. Obviously, he got a financial deal unless I end up buying a Chi in addition to the Wigo and then I got a $30 rip off. I mean you can't put a price on beauty right? I'm talking famous Chi-like movie star hair. I'm just curious to see what you think. Do I need to post a picture of my straightened hair? And, about how long does it take you to straighten your hair with a Chi? It takes me about seven minutes because that's my limit on time I spend on my hair. No, I am not thorough but I am happy with the results...those little horn things by my temples don't frizz up any more and the cowlicks by my ear don't flip nearly as much. But, I heard a Chi would keep those areas perfect for days. Is that true?
Long live the Wigo!


Renee said...

With four children, how in the world do you have time to even do your hair??!! I thought about buying one of these for Beth but since I can't even french braid I can imagine the "damage" I would do with a flat hot iron!

Josh & Tiffany said...

Lisa, This is Tiffany , Josh's wife... I do not know much about the Wigo flat iron, however I have heard they are pretty good... I do not know if they are better than Chi. I have a chi, mostly because I am a hairstylist and I do love it. It's Pink! And if you decide you do not like the Wigo I can get you a Chi at wholesale price!