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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost is Lost

***disclaimer...I have had this written for awhile but hated to show the sludge and grunge in my freezer and pantry. Please reserve judgment.***
This is where I found it when I went to thaw the chicken...
I found the lost remote control (which Palmer calls "daddy's") when I was seasoning and marinating said chicken.

The culprit...who do you think?

What does this tell you about our life?

I think several things...ummmm first thing is many things are "lost". Nothing is in its place for long. Secondly, this should explain why I haven't posted so frequently as of late. Thirdly, every room looks like this not just the kitchen. And, I am NOT crazy...yet.

almer is the most active two-year-old ever. He stands in the refrigerator, climbs on the bar, empties drawers and disrobes on a regular basis. If I turn my head, he finds a mess or creates one!

We have had an epidemic around here lately.

We're losing things.

Big things, little things, all sorts of things. They're just...lost. We saw them in their proper place yesterday but when we went to use them today, they just weren't there. Gone.

Andrew's Aggie ring, my zebra shoes, a silver earring and Julia's tank top.

These are things that have a special place. They've gone missing in action. Why?

One prankster...several hints.

He's two.

We're busy.

He's curious.

We're stressed.

He's busy.

We're tired.

When a family this large, filled with this many little people is governed by two adults that are trying to do lots of things, some very important, too quickly, with the help of a scavenger and six other small helping hands, and with too little sleep, things get "lost".

Like Lost.

Literally, Lost was lost.

Now, Lost is found.

Thankfully, things get found.

We are still searching for the ring...

We're afraid it may have been "accidentally" thrown in the trash...

Aren't our lives like this?

We were once so very lost. We didn't even know we were lost...until we went looking for that thing we thought we needed and it wasn't there. Then we found what, or rather Who, it was we really needed.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. Luke 19:10

We have things in our lives that are broken, lost, set aside. Things we are not even missing at the moment. Just as Jesus came to seek, find and save, I will keep seeking, finding and letting Jesus save all that's lost around here! There are such good lessons in the day to day!

I know there are other things around here that are lost, things we are not looking for, things Palmer has plundered and set aside. When Julia was two, she put everything in her purse. When Hunter was two, he began putting everything in his pockets. Alyssa puts it all in her dresser drawer. We have yet to discover Palmer's secret hiding place, that treasure trove of hidden goodies we are learning to survive without...

It's not the kitchen. I found two pairs of my shoes in different grocery bags in different rooms of the house. Palmer brought one bag to me when I was throwing out the trash and I almost dumped it in the trash can. Thankfully I looked inside the bag first. I really like my shoes!

He's cute.

We're thankful!


Renee said...

My lost cause is trying to fit my Aggie ring on any of my fingers anymore! And, I had to give up on that a long time ago...ha!

Can't believe he is two years old now. So cute.

I still don't know how you do it.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am thankful that we found Jesus, that our children are finding Jesus...everything else can be delt with or lived without!!!

Precious baby...good thing he is so cute!!!

Amy said...

I can't stand losing anything. It is fun to find things though. Especially when it is kind of like a scavenger hunt. He is precious. Good thing!

Pam said...

Lisa, I'm late with this comment --I don't get to enjoy as much blog-hopping time as I used to, but I always enjoy stopping in at yours. I love this post. It reminds me so much of those long ago toddler days at our house. The worst thing Peter ever "lost" was my set of keys! To the house, the car, everything. Only after we had an entire set duplicated and about a week later did I find them when I went to get a mixing bowl to make Saturday morning pancakes. Yep. In the bowl.

As I've said before, your family is beautiful and I know you are treasuring these busy days.