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Friday, February 15, 2008

I Met Mo!

Mo Anderson.

Vice Chairman of the Board at Keller Williams International.

Keeper of the warm Keller Williams family.

Icon of the famous Keller Williams culture.

Founder of the nonprofit Keller Williams organization, KW Cares.

Mo is a truly inspiring person. She is a person of strength, faith and character.

Mo loves Jesus and has answered the remarkable calling on her life with a resounding, "Yes." She knows who she is, what she believes and where she walks. She quotes Scripture in every speech she gives.

She sets the tone for Keller Williams agents and demands that they be the best. She is known as the "Velvet Hammer" because she can be so tough and so gentle at the same time.

She uses her gifts on a daily basis to make life better for others.

It is because of this culture that I love this company so much.

We worked for other real estate companies before Keller Williams came to the Brazos Valley. We even had our own company and it was doing pretty good.

We were happy.I was really tired of giving our business away to others. We had given our profits to brokers for years and were now on our own. It's not that it was bad. I simply saw it as Andrew's career. Each job has good and bad.


Keller Williams came and presented some lucrative opportunities that could possibly propel us a little faster toward our goals. They have great education. They have profit sharing, which can become our retirement. They have culture.

I knew these things about the company so I ready to go if that's what he decided.

When he got ready to go to KW. I was fine with it. I supported him. Afterall, it was ultimately his decision, his career.

I hadn't been that involved in his career before but knew I would have to step up and help him if this move would ever work. I didn't really "get" the real estate industry or "get into it." I had always said that I would go back to teaching if something ever happened to him. I just didn't understand the business but I would do whatever he asked me to do this time.

I was even excited. I knew that KW was a company built on Christian principles, founded, owned and run by Christians. Each video I had seen shows people who are successful, happy, able to spend more time with their family and, most importantly, love the Lord and talk about it.

I knew people in the company. Their reputations preceed them.

I wasn't really skeptical. I believed all the great things I heard. I was committed to the company, to the decision. I knew what had to be done. Afterall, I've helped Andrew make moves before.

This move was very similar to others. There were sacrifices. It would be worth it...hopefully.

Then we went to Launch, a KW training. During the culture session, I saw people just like us who, in emergency situations had received aid from KW Cares. People just like us who were part of a family that came along beside those who needed help in rough times.

This tremendous organization allows families suffering from illness, disaster or any extreme hardship the opportunity to receive aid to overcome adversity and triumph over their situation.

God used this to give me tangible hope for the first time. If something were to happen to Andrew I finally believed we were members of a professional family that actually cared about us and would help me learn the business and make a living to support my family.

Because of the famous Keller Williams culture real estate has become our family's future and not just my husband's career.

For all these reasons and more I love Keller Williams and I love Mo.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Makes working as unto the Lord so much sweeter!!

Angie Love said...

Your post just made me miss hanging out with you and Andrew (always my Andy)! I miss being iced in with you and having extra large toll-house cookies fresh from Andy's oven. I miss surprise drinks from the convenience store so that Andy can win your heart one more time (even though he has had it for years). I miss Ande's mints, ridiculous television shows, great shoes, and praying together.
I love who you continue to become, I love that we are far apart, yet so close together. I love that we have moved on, continuing to be perfected in Christ.
I love you, your family, and your enthusiasm!!