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Monday, February 04, 2008

Juggling Season

I am treading water.
Spinning plates.
Juggling balls.
That is, barely staying afloat, almost dropping each responsibility. Each thing I do is a trade-off. For example, if I post a blog, I don't fold a load of laundry. If I mop the kitchen floor, I don't play with legos. If I have a cup of coffee with a friend, I don't work-out. You get the idea.
Having an active, rambunctious, mess-making, non-sleeping two-year-old (almost) is putting me over the top (almost). Palmer's antics in addition to first and second grade homework and all kids growing (and me not wanting to miss it) is making me a really busy lady for this season.

I will get these posts up of what our family has going and what our family has gone already because this blog is my documentation of events, miracles and praises. I don't think I have so much time to post ponderings, deep thoughts and extra information for right now. I don't even have time to upload the pictures of Christmas...

I'll be back in full-force...someday. But, for now, I'm a part-time blogger!
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven...Ecclesiastes 3:1


Pam said...

Hi Lisa! It is good to stop by and see what's happening with your beautiful family. I have been "away" for a long time and am now trying to catch up with everyone. I love that you post so many pictures -- and don't ever get down on yourself for how much you post. I think having any record at all of what's going on during these busy days is priceless! What I wouldn't give to be able to go back and keep track this way while my kids were little. (Are you aware of the programs/places out there that will actually print and bind blogs in beautiful book form? You could have several beautiul keepsake volumes!) So keep on juggling and keep on posting when you can, even if it's just to document the crazy pace with a few words or pictures. You are an amazing Mom and your whole family will look back on these posts with awe someday.

p.s. Still praying for Palmer's feet!

Renee said...

Hey there! This is exactly why I stopped mine for a while and still am part-time barely!

It's GOOD to take a break every now and then.

Hang in there.

Aim said...

Life is short, enjoy every minute. It is great that you share so much of what is going on with us. We will take what we can get and know you having fun being a busy and fulfilled mom, wife, and woman.

Amy said...

check out my blog. My friend Jenn is helping me learn the ropes and adding some zing to my plain blog. She is awesome. My hope is to have a great blog like yours someday full of words and pictures. Love ya!