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Sunday, January 20, 2008


If I were being totally honest I'd have to tell you that part of the trouble I'm having with keeping up with my blog right now (I'm officially a month behind on m posts...Christmas Day and New Year's Eve pictures are still forthcoming.) has to do with Lost. We started watching it on DVD over the break, are on season two and I'm addicted.

We watched 24 on DVD right after we brought Palmer home from the hospital after he was born. Watching seasons of TV shows like this is awesome. You don't have to wait a week to see what happens. There are no commercials to watch or Tivo through at all. We would watch like four 24's a day since Palmer didn't sleep anyway. Awesome.

Now we're addicted to Lost. Palmer's not sleeping so well again...What a crazy familiar routine! Lost.

It gets the adrenaline pumping. Love it! I love watching this show and trying to figure out who I would be the most like. Would I be like Kate, the brave, fearless one? or Jack the doctor, helpful, leader one? or Sun, the gardener, nurse one? or Claire, the mommy? You guess.

I can't wait for Andrew to get home and homework and dinner to be over. I can't wait to jump on the couch and watch an uninterrupted episode or two of Lost, my new best friend and new favorite show.


Renee said...

Me too! Me too! I am also an avid Lost fan! I recently cut some shows off my watching list and this one I couldn't do it. Good thing you are catching up because it wouldn't make sense at all if you started watching it now.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I have never watched any of these shows...maybe I should start doing the DVD thing.

Bryan and Elise said...

I have a confession- Bryan and I watched both seasons of Lost in like 2 weeks or something. We didn't watch season 3 yet but we probably will!
AND- we recently watched 24 seasons 1-3. We get the DVD's and can't stop!! its addicting- so we are taking a break! :)

Angie Love said...

We too have watched every season...but I am now concerned I will never see a complete episode this season with the birth of Noah! We have friends who loaned Mark the complete seasons of Prison Break...ummmm...we haven't been able to complete one episode yet! Maybe by the time this season of Lost comes out on DVD I will be able to watch it!