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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Celebrating '08 in 80's Style

We brought in 2008 in retro style, eighties style with some friends. We would have been such a stylish family...
Such a cute couple...I couldn't help but think as I was getting ready, "I am so glad I was a teenager and NOT a mom during the 80's. How would I have ever teased my hair and remembered to put on red lipstick every ten minutes with four little kids?"
Would we even have been a couple in the 80's?
I definitely was much more of a valley girl preppy mix than a big hair, tight leather jeans rocker type girl. Sing it Tiffany...
Aaaaah girlfriends.
Here our men represent the three social groups that dominated the 80's for me...the prep, the rocker and the kicker.
Go Sarah!
The Butlers: Aren't they cute? David rose to a very high standard in my book this day. He came as J. R. Ewing. Being the mature fifth grader that I was, I never missed a Friday night episode of Dallas. I mean if I had thought of it I would have come as Crystal or Lucy or any of my Dallas, oil money socialite women heroes of youth. Who shot J. R.? The Moores: I was so proud of Jennifer who put together amazing costumes considering she doesn't save anything she is not currently using. Good job, Jenn! And, Brooks, we'll take you again at 80's Trivia!
And our sweet kids. They not only willingly donned flashback style clothing, they put up with our silly jokes they didn't understand all night long! Julia said that in the 80's they had good music...That's my girl! Bethany said that in the 80's it took a long time to get dressed. So funny.

Our little men, being the champs that they are, hung in until after 10:00. Being three little guys under two, that was a monumental achievement. We sure had a great night. Happy New Year...that is we hope you're all having a happy new year...or happy year...or something like that.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Love it!!! You know, I might have met you originally in the 80's Lisa! Or maybe 1990. I remember you had these cute fabric belts. I wanted cute fabric belts.
Love the pics! Love the 80's!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am having a flashback!!!!!

I was the ultimate bow head and I could wear blue eyeshadow with the best of them!!

Amy Seay said...

Those are hysterical! I think that you were wearing that the last time I actually saw you. Keep up the fun!