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Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's Moving Day!

"Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things..." Psalm 98:1

How can we sing a new song if we don't experience new things, new triumphs, new victories, new places, new friendships, new life?

How can we sing a new song if we live the same old life, the same old way, everything looking exactly the same, everyday, all the time?

How can something predictable and ordinary be marvelous enough to cause us to create words and music...a new song?

My friend Kathryn just wrote a post about moving the furniture.

She has always rearranged the furniture in her home as a sort of therapy. When she had problems or got stressed, it was therapy to her. Then...she got furniture she couldn't move. That's when her issue came out. She realized she did this in her life as well. Instead of dealing with her "stuff" head on, she rearranged it
making it look fresh, different, better.

Same old struggles, problems, issues and sin...just a brand new look.

This got me to thinking.

I don't really like to rearrange the furniture.

I like things to be steady and predictable. I like the sameness of a perfect fit, a perfect arrangement, a feeling of accomplishment each time I look at my room. When I rearrange, which is rarely, I adjust and tinker with everything for days until it pleases my eye. Once it pleases, I've done something. No reason to mess with perfection, I say.

I sit in each room of my house for hours trying to figure out how the furniture should be arranged.

Then I arrange it.

Fix it.

Perfect it.

Leave it.

For a long, long time.

As long as possible, really.

I leave it until it doesn't work anymore.

Until we've outgrown the current arrangement or situation.

I leave it until we've added so many pieces, knick knacks and art, I have to rearrange it.

I leave it until it breaks or my children outgrow it.

I like something finished. Rearranging takes days to perfect and finish. The lull between start and finish stresses me. I lay in bed at night thinking it over in my head until I have the perfect solution. Once my eye is pleased, it is pleased. It remains pleased until I can ignore imperfection no more.

I leave it that same way until the need becomes so great that I have to change things because I have a specific purpose or need that is not being met.

For example, I fixed up the cutest nursery ever nine years ago before Julia was born. Although I had to move it to a different room, it's still the same nursery.

Although it has certainly seen better days, I still have the same nursery.


It is a faded, mismatched room with many parts missing that I once considered essential to raising a baby.

Many missing parts such as a mobile, fluffy teddy bears on the shelves, sweet memorable baby outfits on pegs and sadly enough, even a baby bed!

We've lived in our house ten years. The arrangement in our living room has changed very little.

We've added a little, replaced a little, grown a lot but our couch is in the same place. Our TV is in the same place.

Point made.

I think just like Kathyrn, this represents my life. I like to spend time analyzing each issue I see in my life.

I seek God, seek his word, seek wise counsel, fix the problem...and then don't expect to do anything else about it for as long as possible. It's true that each problem, character issue or sin in our life is built on others. Once we begin untangling the mess, it seems that it will never end...Although, thankfully the Bible says it will end on the day Christ returns.

I am a very yes or no, black or white, all or nothing, forever kind of girl.

I have a hard time with change.


Okay, very hard time.

Change is the primary reason I took a blogging sabbatical a couple of months ago.

So, in honor of Jesus, and Kathryn and the encouragement to embrace the new that comes with our friendship, I'll be rearranging the furniture in the living room this month.

Does putting up the Christmas tree count?

1 comment:

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Praise God that He works on each of us at complete opposite end of the spectrum.

I am thankful that He is moving, growing and changing us.

No the tree does not count!!!