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Friday, December 07, 2007

It is

Chicken pox that is.

Hunter is officially infected.

Quarantine is in session at the Smith home.

Fourteen days...


not going...

being still...

unless someone else becomes spotted.

I guess I finally found time to put up the tree.

What does a little boy with chicken pox do these days?

Besides break out in spots?

It's only been about forty-five minutes since he was diagnosed and already...

He runs through the house chasing his brother with a toy gun.

He lays on the couch begging for candy.

When that doesn't work he begins begging for Sprite.

We settled on Gatorade.

He uses the Spiderman web blaster when the dart gun loses effectiveness.

Oh, and he also gels his own hair (see above photo) and stands in front of the bathroom mirror singing like a rockstar!

A rockstar with red spots on his face.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Oh No!! I will be praying for you and for rest and peace and sanity!!!!

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

Is Julia always right? Lets see...chicken pox + three more.............poor Lisa.