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Friday, December 07, 2007

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Babies and ear infections.

If you are a parent, you just cringed.

They don't go together at all.
I've been concerned about a couple of my kids because they've had allergies lingering a little too long.

We've had a crazy week.


Holiday celebrations mingled with everyday responsibilities makes for very busy family life.

Our team had a newsletter crisis at about 5:00 last night. (More on this later.) The whole family in addition to the whole team was helping out in a huge time crunch.
Julia has this huge oral presentation to give today dressed as Pocahontas complete with historically accurate costume, props and information. This report had to be totally memorized and in first person. (More on it later.)

Around 10:00 last night when Andrew and I were visiting with Pocahontas in our living room, I hear the earth shattering screaming that means I am very sick or I am very hurt.

I jump up and run to Hunter.

Always the first response, "Are you hurt?"

More screaming, sobbing and general hysteria.

Always second, "Did you throw up?"

I have a thing with throw up.

A personal vendetta.

Every time a child throws up and I have to clean it up, I throw up too.

The last time this happened was this summer. It was over a hundred degrees outside. Alyssa leaned over the third seat and lost her stomach all over Palmer, his car seat and Julia.

Just gross.

Plain gross.

You see why I ask it.

I need preparation if I'm having to clean it up!
I cautiously approach the subject of throw up and avoid it by sprinting to the bathroom like an Olympic marathon runner with my heavy gold medal in the form of a screaming child held high in the air, far away from my body.

No throw up.

Thank the Lord!

But, ears were hurting.

Both ears.

Bright red.


I had started thinking we might have a small problem Wednesday evening when I noticed red dots on his face.

Mosquitoes I reasoned.

Then yesterday when they spread to his ears, I suspiciously asked, "Did you play outside yesterday afternoon?"

When he got up last night, Pocahontas exclaimed, "Hunter has chicken pox."
I don't think so.

We'll see.

We're on our way to the doctor.

Verdict is still out.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am praying AGAINST the chicken pox, because if one gets it, they all get it.
Hopefully it is just a reaction to ear infection or fever.
Poor baby...no fun.

texasmcvays said...

Simalason has an ear infection medicine that I try to keep on hand. You may look into it...We are in the house and we love it! Thanks for checking in with me the other day at the blog. You guys need to come on out for a Saturday in the country after the busy holidays!

Amy Seay said...

Okay, I thought that you had stopped blogging because my computer was not refreshing you site for some reason. Now I have lots to catch up on! I LOVE the picture of your sweet family! Hope it's not the chicken pox.