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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We're Very Cool People

That's right, people, the five days out of the year that you actually turn your heater on in Texas, we don't have one!

When our A/C guy installed our new system in July, I vaguely remember him saying, "Call me in the fall so I can hook your furnace up. It's over 100 degrees right now, you won't need it anytime soon."

Who says?

Who writes that on their calendar anyways?

Luckily our family doesn't get cold until it drops below 65. Our guests were cold but we didn't know it was broken at that point.

We got to spend Sunday huddled around a fireplace like Little House...together.

Some of this was good.


The kids stayed in bed at night because it was too cold to get out for any reason!

Some not so good.

Frost when you breathe. Not good.

Children running around the house to stay warm.

Running and yelling! Not good.

Bathing in freezing air. Not good.

Anyway, say a prayer for the part we need to come. Fast, I'm freezing!

Or, we can just wait a minute and it'll be 80 degrees outside again...It's Texas!


Renee Heaton said...

Very cool indeed! I have been freezing too and I do have the heat on and the fireplace going...oh and my coat is on too! I'm not a big fan of cold. My hands and feet are always freezing. Hope you warm up soon.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Don't like cold...like you said your body aches!!!

lisasmith said...

A/C man just called...He's bringing our parts!!! Yaay! Well, it's supposed to get 70 degrees tomorrow but at least our heater will be fixed.

lisasmith said...

5:28 PM Tuesday. We're fixing now!