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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Soccer Girl

We just finished up soccer season. Yay! I love playing games in seasons. This is so much nicer than the one hour a week lessons we have had in the past. One hour each week for nine or ten months is very tiring. Soccer season lasted three days a week for eight weeks. Now we have a magical break. Rest. No practice. No games. No hourly, weekly lessons. Ahhh!
Julia did a really great job. She's been sleeping with her soccer ball for a whole year in an effort to get us to allow her to play this team sport. She convinced us. She loved it. She's a natural.

She loved playing forward. She loved being in the action. She was in her coach's words, "The new girl that won't stay back. No matter where she's told to stand she goes further into the action!" That's pretty much who she is in life. One who seeks the action. One who can't seem to stay back. (Yes, we are praying!)

When she played goalie she would see what needed to be done on the field and forget she was supposed to stay in the box and try to run on the field to kick the ball.

When she played fullback she would forget she wasn't the goalie and try to stop the ball with her hands or even with her body! She really gets into the game. She's competetive. She's aggressive. She's fierce.
She certainly doesn't get any of those skills from me! Team sports was not my thing. I love to watch her play. She's confident. She's enthusiastic. She loves to run. She loves to compete. She has the greatest fun doing it.

She has a great time. She encourages others on the field. She passes the ball. She helps the referee. She doesn't get mad. She is a real sport.

Be on the watch for what this sporty girl's future holds. She's a real winner!


Renee Heaton said...

We just finished up outdoor soccer and moved onto indoor to see where that will take us. Year-round soccer...gotta love it?!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Way to go Julia...you and your mom are definately do a good rest!!

JungWoo Hong said...

Dear Juila
What are you getting for chirsmas?
Did you like the video?
Can you make Origami like dinosours or animals and people?
I am good at soccer too. I wish

JungWoo Hong said...

you are here...
Are you good at soccer?
I miss very much.