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Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Riddle For You


What do Hannah Montana, Curious George, Spiderman and Batman have in common?

They all have the last name Smith!

I really deserve accolades for my work on costumes this year. On October 1, I made everyone decide what they wanted to be, bought all the parts necessary and officially became organized...at least when it came to Halloween costumes! The kids were really excited and we've gotten lots of mileage off of Hannah's wig. We have attended a costume party, several crazy hair days (where Santa Montana made an appearance--Hannah Montana wig plus Santa hat) and two parades.

The girls had a parade at school where they dressed as book characters. We had a crazy morning getting there. I have been working lots lately which means late nights and hectic mornings. On book character parade day, we all got up early. Andrew decided to dress Alyssa and I took Julia. Just as we were preparing to walk out the door, we put on Curious George's costume...lo and behold it was several sizes too small! The tag was wrong.

Amazing Super Daddy immediately tossed the girls in the car, dropped them off at school, raced to Target and exchanged it while stopping in the refrigerated section for a gallon of milk. He checked out and hurried back to the school in time to get Alyssa her costume before the parade (minus the bananas). By this time Alyssa had already borrowed a unicorn costume from someone else and had forgotten all about her monkey costume. Poor Daddy! Then he proceeded to watch the parade and meet me in the parking lot so I could pour Palmer a bottle of milk! Kudos for getting it all done with such great finesse!

Hunter had an animal parade at his school. He was a green bear in a costume he made all by himself. Priceless! He was also the very proud leader of the entire parade because he just so happened to be line leader that day. He was marching so grandly. But, alas, my camera battery died. Another memory made perfect in my heart and to be re-viewed in heaven. One day...

We spent a glorious Halloween evening (the weather was perfect) at The Keller Williams Trunk or Treat. It was a huge success. Thanks to all who came out and supported it. We had about 500 people in attendance and raised about $1000 for Down's Syndrome.

The kids absolutely loved it and came home with loads of candy and trinkets. This will hopefully become an annual event for Keller Williams. We love to raise money for good causes and have a great time with the community doing it.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

What great costumes and way to be organized. I am very proud of you.
It looks like you all had fun!!

Renee Heaton said...

Love the costumes! Looked like fun!