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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Spanish Dancer

Here she is, my very own Spanish dancer. Julia was the star of Ballet Folklorico last week. She is part of a Spanish dance troupe at her school. They do various performances around the community and for the school throughout the year. This year they are performing quite a bit as she is in the advanced group as a third year student.

These are some of Julia's best friends. Lilly, Camilla and Felix are in her class at school and they all dance together in Ballet Folklorico after school.
Joaquin is Felix's brother and one of Alyssa's best friends. He loves to dance. Alyssa is still thinking about it.

Julia was in about five dances at their last performance. She was in a special duet with Ms. Lucio. Aren't their costumes colorful?
More friends...
Beautiful ladies! Beautiful dancers!

Julia was also in a duet with Benjamin. He chased her around and then pulled off her sash and they did a little parachute type dance with it. It was really cute!

Here Julia is dancing as Joaquin's partner. She let Alyssa know that if Alyssa would've chosen to dance, she could've had this part...easy.
Having a good time! Joaquin is so funny.
Preparing to go on stage with Ms. Lucio. Julia was really excited!

In this dance she "steals" the sombrero and dances with it and around it for awhile. Then the ladies place the hats back on the gentlemen's heads. So cute!

Pretty girl! Take a bow for all your hard work...and fun!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Julia, you are so very beautiful and talented. I know your mom is very proud of you and so am I.

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

Julia looks the part of a Spanish dancer. Someday,I'm sure I'll see her in a big important production.