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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Little Scavenger

This is what I walked in the kitchen the other day to find...

This is a sure sign that your baby has become a toddler and needs to be carrying around a sippy cup and a Ziploc baggy of Cheerios.

This scavenging mentality is part of his regular personality. Sometimes I wonder if we feed him enough.

He is mischievous.

He is quiet.

He never cries.

He's inquisitive.

He's curious.

He's daring.

He's fearless.

He touches everything.

He puts everything he can grab in his mouth...ugh!

This is a potentially lethal combination of factors. Oh, the messes he's made!

We've found Palmer taking any kind of food he can reach off the counter, out of the pantry, even out of the trash...ew!

Andrew has always talked of having a pet raccoon. Now he has a Palmer!


lisasmith said...


These pictures are for you. I know Palmer misses his Oma!

We love you!!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

He is so precious. When I glanced at the first picture, I thought it was Hunter.

He has gotten so big...I guess that is because he eats so much!!!


Renee Heaton said...

Oh my, how precious! You know what is too funny. I recently just put on my pantry door one of those things that keeps the little ones out because my 4-year-old was doing the same thing! I couldn't get him to stop...wow, those things are wonderful...thought I was so done with all the "baby" stuff!

lisasmith said...

Yeah, we haven't had to baby proof at all, even with four kids...until now. Even Andrew said this baby might do us in...he's checking into the things on the cabinet doors. haha

the Apels said...

haha...Hi, Lisa! I totally knew who you were but didn't know if you knew me--once again from the blogging world. It's a bit humbling to swallow your pride and say, "Umm...so I've blog stalked you and now I feel like I know all about you and your family, but you may not have any clue who I am!"

Anyway, sorry I didn't say hey in U Paint It...next time I see you-I definitely will!

Palmer sounds just like Asher! What wild little guys, we have!