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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Family, Friends, Football

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Think about football.

Yep, I said football. We've got the tailgate to end all tailgates for the end of the season tu gameday. Celebrate your friends, family and great Aggie football team with us!

We promise it won't be this hot!!!

Thanksgiving and football really do go together.

Sitting around the tube all weekend is how the folks spent a good majority of Thanksgiving at my house. Really, there was conversation, performances by children, games, dessert and much more during football...even naps.

I know not all of you like to shop in the crowds...so think of tailgating with us. We'll have great fellowship, fun, food and of course, football on the giant plasma screen TV inside our tents.

The game starts at 2:30...we'll be there around 10:30 and stay until two hours after the game is over.

The limo service will begin in the Keller Williams parking lot across University from Blockbuster between Albertson's and The Hilton and run every thirty minutes.

Enjoy some of our favorite tailgating memories and think about coming out to join us for our last tailgate of this season as the Aggies beat tu.

Future real estate agent.

Future movie star.

Even George the Monkey tailgates. We hope to see you there!

Visit http://www.smithteamblog.com/ and click on my blog for more specific details.

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