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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday Revision

This weekend I decided I needed to edit my previous post. I said my best birthday gift was on my thirteenth birthday.

My best birthday gift was on my 37th birthday.

It all started Friday night.

Andrew let Julia and I run to the mall for a few minutes to spend a gift card and check out a $7 sweater sale at Steve & Barry's. We had a ton of fun. But not near enough time.

Saturday morning I got a beautiful bouquet, chocolates and doughnuts. Then I went to work. While I was working, Andrew and the kids worked really hard to get the house picked up so I wouldn't feel like I had to work once I got home.

When I got home Andrew had cooked lunch on the grill and he gave Julia and I two more hours of shopping. Again, we had a blast. We splurged on $2.99 jewelry, purses and Gap jeans.

Saturday evening when we got home I was relaxing with the kids. I was telling them all the stories of their birthdays and how their names were all special and meant something unique to their daddy, to me and to God. Andrew had to run to the office to resolve an offer.

The doorbell rings. I assume it is the Chinese food. We had planned to have a Chinese feast for dinner because the Rockets were playing and we love Yao Ming!

It was the babysitters.

Andrew totally surprised me!


I had no idea!

For the first time in ten years I had no idea. I didn't ruin his surprise.

I am a good detective.

If I have a hint of anything going on, I figure it out...And I let everyone know I figured it out.

I was surprised!

He came in with dinner for the kids.

He told me to go change clothes.

He whisked me away in the limousine.

We picked up some friends. Thanks Max, Neli and Edgardo!

We went to Cafe Capri.

We had a blast!

Neli even posted about it here.

I loved this birthday.

I got lots of animal print stuff like necklaces, sweaters and shoes and a really cool MOMMY NEEDS COFFEE mug that I can't wait to fill with chocolate raspberry creamer and a little caffeine in the morning.

I got lots of quality time with people that I love.

I got a phone call from my dear friend Hyeong Sook in Korea. I got a text message from my friend Hye Jin. I got a phone call from Cindy Brantley. I got an email from my cousin Sarah in Maryland. I got phone calls from family and beautiful cards. I got time with lots of loved ones and special people in many different ways.

I genuinely felt loved and special...

And I was surprised!

I am already loving 37.


JungWoo Hong said...

You did great day.
You look so pretty and happy.
I know You are lovely woman.
Thank you, Andrew!
Hyeong sook

Hendrick Family said...

You ARE genuinely loved and special!

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Can I be as hot as you when I'm 37?

That's what I want for my 37th birthday!


Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

I guess I'll wish you a Happy Birthday again, and thank you for sharing it with me via your blog.

Renee Heaton said...

Ok, so I'm behind in your posts! Happy birthday my precious, wonderful friend! Ah, at least one of my friends is older than me...hee hee! Love you!