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Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy J-Day!

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15

This is it. The verse I prayed over and over when I was pregnant with Julia.

Some translations say inexpressible gift, too extravagant for words.
Truly, this is how I felt about becoming a mother. I knew the verse was talking about Jesus, God's gift to us, the sacrifice of his only son, freely bestowing on us a right relationship with him.
I thought I was going overboard, or crazy, until I received countless cards and even her baby book has this verse on the cover.
After I had held her, I knew I wasn't crazy or going overboard. After all, what parent wouldn't feel this way about their child? Especially Julia. The firstborn. The leader.

I don't know all that this gift entails. I know that I love this gift and hold her out to the Lord with open hands daily.
I know that this day will always be a day so very special because the day Julia was born so was a part of me...the Mommy part, a title I proudly wear and humbly offer as worship.
Happy Birthday, Julia!


Eight years since you made me Mommy.

Eight years since I dragged my tired, sore body to the NICU to hold you, rock you, nurse you and marvel at you.

The nurses all said I should get rest while I could. I couldn't take my eyes or my hands off you. You were so perfect, so beautiful, so soft.

You were so alert. Even as a newborn people commented that you looked somehow older, more mature than regular newborns. You are anything but regular!

Eight years ago as I held you for the first time, I never imagined how wonderfully unique you would be.

You are bubbling over with a zest for life. Thankfully all those you touch seem to share it when they are around you.

You have a youthful zeal that I know we all should possess. Little things thrill you...small gifts, one soccer goal, a tiny bouncy ball, a straw that whistles if you blow in it...Truly, you see value in the little things.

Your teacher has told me two things about you this year. "She's a perfect student," and "She loves to run with the boys." She failed to mention how you can outrun all the boys too, but I've seen you on the playground.

Not only do you run footraces at recess, you look great doing it. You are my style-conscious, fashionista, rock star diva. Everyone comes to you for fashion advice, already! May your heart always be prettier than your outfits!

I love how you are not afraid to get your hands dirty. Mud pies, sports and art are all for you and you are all covered in it when you play. You certainly participate with your all in all that you do. Imagine the difference you can make when you're willing to get your hands dirty!

This is why I love to watch you play soccer, basketball, ballet, paint or sing. Whatever you do, you do with all your heart. I pray you do it all for the Lord!

You love High School Musical (1&2 as you like to say), Hannah Montana, soccer, running, games, Awanas and music in general. As you rushed through your bath recently you said, "I have to hurry. I just can't live without music!"

As a matter of fact, you have choreographed a dance to a High School Musical song, organized boys and girls from your class to play each character and put together costumes for each one. You are truly amazing. You would definitely be an actor turned director. You're right at home making sure that great idea is put into practice in a very great and dramatic way! May you always be a great worshipper of God!

I love you so much and hope that eight-years-old is all you ever hoped it could be. I love a zillion more things about you but today I'm celebrating your competitive edge, your zest for life, your flair for the dramatic and your ability to lead the troops.



Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Birthday Julia!!!

I hope it was a wonderful day.

You are such a beautiful grown up girl.

Love you
Ms. Kathryn, Michael and Alex

Renee Heaton said...

Just by looking at her sweet pictures I can just feel the maturity oozing out. What a wonderful job you have done! She is precious. Happy Birthday Julia!

The Peahen said...

Wow! Happy Birthday Julia! I remember that day! I remember getting to visit you in the hospital! I remember the happy feeling - Julia brought joy to this world when she arrived! I love that she's grown so well! What a great young lady she has become! We miss you all so much.