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Monday, September 03, 2007

Smith Team Spectacular

Whew! Saturday was exciting! Our tailgate was a smashing success. We missed all who either stayed home or could not find us. Seriously, take the limo next time...It knows right where to go.

This coming Saturday I will leave detailed instructions here with street names for those of you who choose to drive or park elsewhere on your own.

You really ought to come check out what you missed. It was so awesome to hear people say, "Y'all must have been doing this forever!"

It was even more awesome to reply with a humble shrug, "No, this is our first time."

Fun was had by all in attendance. The sun was bright, the Aggies were loud and supporting your home team can be a full time job in the south.

I love football season.

I loved it in high school.

I loved the practices.

I loved baking for the football team.

I love decorating lockers.

I loved pep rallies.

I loved spirit ribbons.

I loved homecoming.

I loved half-time performances.

I loved end of the third quarter performances.

I loved the chants, yells and pompon's.

I LOVE football at Texas A&M.

I love the Aggie Band!

I love that EVERY game is homecoming.

I love maroon everywhere.

I love the Twelfth Man.

I love the sound of senior boots.

I love the cannon going boom.

I love to feel the exhilaration in the air as it tingles with competition.

I love the spirit.

So, come out next week and feel the fun, experience the excitement and stay tuned for bigger, better tailgates ahead.

We're off the hook!

1 comment:

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I hope we are there!!!!