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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lookin' for a Deal?

Now is a great time to buy a house. Why? Prices are falling. I have seen many price reductions in the last two weeks. Some listings have reduced twice in the last two weeks. One house I recently viewed has just lowered its price by $20,000! While this is definitely not the "norm," I believe it does reflect a market that is slowing down due to the fact that many people try to be all settled into a new place before school starts and many more have put off that big purchase until school is out once more.

But, if you are at ease with moving or investing this time of year, call for a list of current listings on the market. Buy now and lease it out when the students come in January for the spring semester. If you saw a house you just loved but weren't willing to pay the full listing price in June, keep a close watch on it. It just might fall into your price range! If you would like us to watch for you, just give us a call at (979) 260-3300.

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Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Wish I could...maybe one day!!!