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Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy B-Day Googs!

Today is Goo-Goo's birthday. I think it's her 93rd or is it 94th! (Am I the only who has a hard time keeping up?) Goo-Goo is Andrew's grandmother.

Goo-Goo has led an amazing life. I love to listen to her stories. She has survived many hard times in her life including wars and economic crisis.

Goo-Goo has also enjoyed many times of blessing. She inspires us to remember that life is filled with tragedy but the joy is always on its heels.
She is such a strong woman. She raised two little children without a clothes dryer, disposable diapers or video tapes. She has seen many things that make life a little less hassle invented.
She has made moves and readjusted to new cities in order to be near family throughout her different seasons of life. She has taken on many changes in the ten years that I have known her and done it all with dignity and grace.
She has such a wonderful relationship with her two younger sisters. They are all so close.
She has seen her three grandchildren grow up.
She has seen five great-grandchildren. The newest who is named after her. (We haven't met Miss Hazel Claire yet but hear she's a beautiful baby just like her namesake. More on the two Hazels in a future post!)

I love how my kids think any regal woman with white hair is Goo-Goo.

I love how they find sticks in the yard and instead of having sword fights, they walk with a cane and pretend they're Goo-Goo.

I love how one of the highlights of our lake trips is walking by themselves to Goo-Goo's house to fix their own ice cream.

I love the way Goo-Goo folds clothes!

I love to drink early morning coffee on Goo-Goo's porch.

I love the legacy that Goo-Goo gives us.

Happy Birthday Goo-Goo! We are so thankful for you! We love you!

1 comment:

lisasmith said...

The kids want to have an ice cream party at your house since they've already had cake! Happy Birthday!