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Thursday, August 02, 2007

First Tooth

In another animally escapade Alyssa lost her first tooth.

She recently discovered her tooth was loose.

She was scared.

She doesn't like blood.

She didn't know what it would taste like.

I'd been encouraging her to eat apples, steak, ice cubes and lots of other hard stuff.

She resisted.

Last Saturday she was "fighting" over a stuffed animal with Palmer. She was pretending to be a puppy. She was tugging on the stuffed animal...with her mouth.

She was growling, shaking and tugging with her mouth and head.

So true to Animal Angel character and in furry form, Alyssa lost her first tooth.

She likes telling people she lost her tooth almost as much as she likes telling them she did it by acting like a puppy!
...And she's extremely fond of the fact that her tooth looks like one of Foxy's.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Such a big girl Alyssa!!
How much fun, you will have to tell me the story!!
Ms. Kathryn

PS Alex sure misses you!!

Renee Heaton said...

Beth lost her first tooth when she was trying to "bite" open a parmesan cheese can. It was NOT loose and it was over the 4th of July weekend when it happened and the dentist wasn't open! But it was ok; she has very crooked front teeth now though. We know braces are in the future!

Pam said...

She will always remember how she lost that first tooth!

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

What a cute picture of Alyssa! Did she put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth faity?

lisasmith said...

Yes, Alyssa is soooo excited. She's got another loose already!

The tooth fairy/mommy (they know it's me) gave her a dollar which she promptly gave back to me because "I'm the one who buys her everything anyway." (Unlike Julia who asks if her teeth are worth $5!)

The Peahen said...

Way to go Alyssa! Evie keeps hoping for a loose tooth, but nothing yet...

We don't have Body Step here, I miss it, I miss my girls, I still don't have anyone that I workout with. When I go to the gym I am thankful for my MP3 player... very sad.

Jennifer Bacak said...

This is so funny, Emma just lost a front top tooth, and she did it the same way! But she was a Cheetah, as usual. It popped right out.
Alyssa, you're a cutie!