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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Da Boys

As promised awhile ago here are some current pics of your favorite boys.

Palmer loves the bathtub. In fact, "bathtub" was his first intelligible word...in English (ask Alyssa). (This is also evidence that our boys were looking scruffy...both of them had hair over their collar...we're old-fashioned and like the clean cut look...remember when they used to send the boys home for haircuts when their hair was longer than their shirt collars...but I digress...I always wanted to use that in a post!)

So here they are proudly sporting new haircuts thanks to Pop and Yia Yia. We decided to let that be a tradition. When we visit Round Rock, we get haircuts from Junior. That way we have to go see the grandparents every few months and we're Aggies. We love tradition!

Hunter loves Junior. He feels really brave and grown up when he sits in Junior's chair...and he looks really grown up and handsome when he gets out!

We love haircuts.

We love Junior.

We love Pop and Yia Yia!


Renee Heaton said...

So sweet and cute! Palmer is really getting big. He looks so mature in those pictures. Hi boys!

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

That haircut turned Palmer from a baby into a boy.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

So precious and big.

Love those boys!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh! My Gosh! I cannot believe how cute... Lisa they are gorgeous!!!!!!!

Love U

Jennifer said...

Oh,,, love the verses too!
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