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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All About Alyssa

Happy birthday Alyssa!

Alyssa is having a wonderful day. She lept out of bed so she could open presents and eat her special birthday breakfast and open her gifts and cards that have been accumulating in a chair by the door for awhile now. She looks grown up and acts a well, a little more grown up than she did!

She'll get her favorite dinner of steak, corn on the cob and strawberries. It's going to be such a fun day!

Webkins are in style. She got five this morning! Her favorite is the pig which she named Oinky. She got a black lab, a hippo, a tiger and a chihuahua named the Aggie Angel. I can't hardly keep up with their names...the lab is named Inky, the tiger is Stripes and the hippo is Hippy. Julia has already traded Kate for Angel...c'est la vie!

She had a cupcake birthday party in her class and carried all her new Webkins to school. When she got out of the car this morning, she couldn't really remember where her first grade class was. I dropped her off at the big kids' spot. Julia was already running to class and Alyssa just looked so confused. One of the teachers helped her out. Such a cute and classic "Alyssa moment"!

When I went to her birthday party at school, all my fears and worries were laid to rest because "seeing is believing." It seems God has answered my prayers. She acts so mature and polite in class. She listened very intently to the teacher and seems to be living up to the very high standard in Ms. Lucio's class. I'm sure we're off to a positive start on a successful year.

Happy Birthday sweet angel!

Today you're six-years-old.

You fill our lives with love and laughter.

We pay more attention to the animals because of you.

You give us sweet hugs and kisses for no reason.

Cuddling with you is a favorite pastime.

Being silly with you is a favorite hobby.

We appreciate things that we never loved before you...like Zaboo and lemurs.

I love that you know more about the meerkat then most.

I love that getting muddy and dirty with a pig sounds thrilling to you...much more so than a ride on a big roller coaster.

I love that you think things are boring but you're really unsure because they're just...different.

I love that when I asked you about your first day of first grade, you thoughtfully replied, "well, it's a little different than I expected."

I love that we share a sameness that I can totally get even if nobody else can.

I love your generosity.

Someday you'll appreciate how I hid all your new school clothes so you wouldn't give them all to Julia instead of presenting you with them all at one time. really, you would just give them all away. I love that...so does Julia.

I love how you lisp now that you're missing a tooth. I can't wait for you to lose more!

I love how all your best friends are dogs.

I love how you love the Astros.

I love how you wish you could have more homework.

I love how you speak Spanish. you're so smart you interpreted Palmer's first word, "baca." cow in Spanish. Brilliant.

I love your organization. your spotless room. everything in its spot. I love how you're not a pack rat(except when you sleep in a laundry basket filled with trash and pretend to be one). When it's time to throw it out, you hold us accountable to take a load to Goodwill.

I love you little monkey girl. I love you.

Happy birthday sweet Animal Angel Alyssa.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

I am so glad that you had a good day.

We love you,
Ms. Kathryn, Michael and Alex

Jennifer said...

Love, Ms. Jen, Grant & Garrett

Renee Heaton said...

Happy Birthday to Alyssa! Wow, five Webkinz? Beth has three and can barely keep up with those. But she is definitely not the animal lover that Alyssa is. She'll be a great "zoo-keeper" for all those animals! Keep 'em fed and they will be happy.

JungWoo Hong said...

Dear Alyssa

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
you like a monkey
happy birthday to you

From Jungwoo

PS did you like your birthday?

PPS do you like your new friend?