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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Feet

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. (Galatians 5:25)

The beautiful feet are now also happy, walking feet!!! Praises to God!!! It's hard to get a picture of Palmer walking because walking is such hard work. It makes him hungry and tired! He's such a laid back boy, he just walks a little at a time. He's so proud of himself he grins and claps after each step. He does a little dance before he takes a step...so it's boogie...step...step...boogie...step... step...so cute. We are all grinning and clapping too! It won't be too long before he's running circles all over the place with his brother and sisters. We are praising God for his happy, walking, beautiful feet.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Praise the Lord!!!

God is so good and so faithful.

Way to go Palmer.

JungWoo Hong said...

I'm happy to hear Palmer is working. I'm grining now.
How cute...
Palmer is a good boy!
Palmer! I'm so proud of you!!
I love you a lot.

Hyeong sook.

Angie Love said...

Praise God! I can't wait to see him in action...only a few weeks away!

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

Our prayers have been answered!!!!

The Peahen said...

Way to go Palmer! I think he held out a little longer than Sloan did! We're still waiting on Will.

Lizza said...

Lisa! God is so good! How glad you all must be for Palmer.

Renee Heaton said...

I was just wondering yesterday how "happy feet" was doing! Glad to hear going strong.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Treston will be walking in no time. He is suddenly crawling and pulling up. He stood up in his bed today for the first time.
Wow, it happens fast.

texasmcvays said...

How fun! love the Marilyn Monroe pix of the girls!

Pam said...

Oh Lisa, I am so happy to hear this! I've been wanting to tell you that while I sat with my grandma in her final hours, I prayed for Palmer -- For some reason I felt specifically urged to do so several times during that day and night.