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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fiesta a la Familia

We just took the funnest vacation. We went to San Antonio...with our girls.

It was a wonderful time.

I missed my skinny-legged, cuddly, always-hungry boy and my chubby-legged, teetering, baby boy.

I loved, absolutely loved, going on a vacation without packing a port-a-crib, diaper bag, bottles, stroller, wipes, milk, baby's food, a million changes of clothes, swim diapers, life jackets, car seats, etc. I loved walking around Fiesta Texas, the Alamo, getting in and out of the car a million times without a stroller, diaper bag, baby on my hip, changing diapers and fixing bottles. I did not miss the stuff that goes with my little boys.

Thanks so much Mom and Pete for making this happen! We appreciate your tireless efforts to give us this time with our girls. We love you!

I also love vacation with my husband. He is a fun man.

Before you go on vacation with Andrew, you get gifts and cards. Vacation starts a little early.

So on July 3rd we got gifts from Uncle Sam. (Uncle Jack or Tommy to Alyssa so we also got a quick history lesson.) Glow in the dark jewelry and noise makers for July 4th, DVDs, purses, clothes, chocolate, etc. Andrew is a good celebrator. He always starts vacations out with a bang. Whether it's a new book, a bathing suit or a set of luggage, there is always new stuff, gifts and surprises. This time I got a gorgeous shirt, animal print of course, that I had admired in the mall. Yes, a shirt from the mall! I also got a cool surprise of a domain name for my blog. http://www.lisasmithblog.com/ is me! So easy, what a creative gift. Thanks, Love!

We like his surprises. We love him!

So we started out and really had no agenda except to be on the river walk for dinner and on a boat there for fireworks.

We started out and ended up stopping at the outlet mall. We bought a couple of things...not much. I got an awesome pair of shoes. Nine West. Namebrand. I was feeling nice.

We trekked on toward The Snake Farm. This is where Alyssa, The Animal Angel, got to hold a real, live ring-tailed lemur. It sat on her head and played in her hair. It totally made her day!
The lemur loved Alyssa...and Julia in its own way. We saw snakes and other scary reptiles but our favorite was the lemur!

Then we went to the National Animal Park and fed zebras, rams and ostriches. The zebras were really pretty and our favorites. The ostriches poked their long pokey heads in our car and scared us silly while pecking us. Did you know an ostrich bite feels really weird?

From here we hurried to get to the riverwalk on time for the festivities of the Fourth. We got there...but it was closed down completely. The fireworks were cancelled. The restaurants were closed. The boats quit running at 8:00.

Even though it was closed, we scared the few people who were there with our very loud noise makers celebrating the Fourth of July on our own.

We ended up taking a bus to the market to eat at a crazy all-night restaurant. It was an...ummm...experience to say the least. Walking back from dinner, we stood over grates that blew our shorts and skirts full of air and ran as fast as we could to dodge the rain. Giggles all around!

We saw a few fireworks from our hotel window. Did I mention our awesome hotel? We were on the fifteenth floor of the most luxurious, comfy hotel in town!

The girls said they felt like Mary Kate and Ashley (as kids) and I loved watching them run in and bounce on the bed in all its softness and stand on tippy-toes to peek out the window at the super cool movie star pool.
We spent the next day riding the boat up and down the river, exploring the mall, the Alamo, the museums, rides, el mercado and swimming in our movie star cool hotel swimming pool.

We had an excellent dinner on the river. Casa Rio...Excellent. So good and really great to sit out over the river and feed half our dinner to the ducks! The girls wanted the mariachi so we enjoyed La Cooka Racha for a small fortune, but worth the memory...that's priceless!

Again, watching the girls in awe was one of the greatest memories.

I really just enjoyed revelling in their personalities and who they are becoming. Watching them not compete for our attention and not try to pull us away from babies was freeing and fun. I loved that Alyssa wanted to wear her sunglasses and be just like me the whole time. I loved watching Julia run towards any adventure she could see and yet wanting Mommy and Daddy right there. I loved listening to them without being interrupted by everyday stuff. Their entertaining stories, their likes, their dislikes, their hopes and their fears.

Our visit was completed by a trip to Fiesta Texas where Julia and Daddy rode roller coasters and Alyssa and Mommy set out to find Scooby Doo and Tweety Bird.

Alyssa the brave rode her first roller coaster. Even though she was scared out of her mind, she calmly got on this train right when we got there, she mustered her courage and put this look of "I think I'm having fun" on her face before the ride started.

She deserves kudos for her bravery and courage. She was very proud of of being brave. Her head was in my lap as she tried to hold her tears back during the ride. She screamed in her high-pitched, shrill, little loud voice the entire ride! But still, she was very, very brave! (She may never ride another roller coaster no matter the size for the rest of her life.) It made both she and I a little dizzy so the quest for Tweety and Scooby continued in earnest.

We even saw a Grease-like show that some of us loved and others slept through. I'll give you a hint, the ones who loved it are pretending to be cheerleaders in this picture...other members of our family were tired. It had been a long day!

All in all, we escaped the rain mostly and wore ourselves out making good memories of a big kid trip.

Andrew was amazed how much and how long girls of any age can shop, not really buying anything, just going from shop to shop looking. It didn't matter if we were at the outlets, upper end mall or el mercado flea market, we just looked and looked never tiring of the stuff...and the people.

Our girly-girl vacation was so much fun. I love the big-kid phase lots too. I miss the baby-babies. I love the big girls. This family vacation was filled with good times.


Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

You got some really great pictures. The only thing better than seeing the kiddos is seeing their picture. Thanks

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

So much fun.
I love seeing you all so happy and so relaxed.

The Peahen said...

Wow! That sounds like it was a great trip. Yes, Andrew must be fun - look at those shirts he's wearing! ;) Love it! It looks like you all had so much fun! I love visiting San Antontio & wish we could go. We miss you guys!

Angie Love said...

I felt like I was there! We can't wait for family vacations once our baby is here...and old enough to enjoy them! Miss you friend and love you so much.

Renee Heaton said...

Looks so fun! Trey and Beth went to Six Flags about a week ago. Beth was so brave -- she rode the Flashback two or three times. Looks like you all are having a great summer!

Nancy Coppock said...


LOVED the post! The excitement and the joy shown bright and clear through your writing. What fun! And how perfect that I read it today as Mark and I prepare for our on get away. He took today off, to help me get packed and we are just having the best time getting ready even as we still do our regular work. It's fun because I'm vacuuming and ironing to get ready for the trip. It's all part of the trip and therefore FUN! Even though we woke up early, the joy of not having the alarm go off was announcement that the VACATION is HERE!! Yay!!

love you!!

JungWoo Hong said...

Hi! lisa!!
Wow! I love your trip.
You got a great memory.
You look so really happy.I was happy to see lovely pictures.
I could remember last spring when I went to San Antonio. If I were go with you I'll be fun.
Actually I could not take a picture
at the river walk. I forgot the camera. I was sad.
Hopefully I expect to go there again. However I could remember in your blog. I miss a lot.
Thank you for sharing your trip.

Hyeong sook