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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tagged Again!

So, those of you who are old faithful friends know I was tagged in December. But, now that I have some new friends, I've been tagged again.

Here is Part II.

6. When my brain thinks of the words it is fixing to say, it types them. I see the keyboard in my mind and peck it. When I spell words, I see them on the keyboard first. I think this is a leftover habit from high school typing. I dreamed typing so I could type 100 words a minute to get exempt from my final exam. Sometimes my fingers move in this pattern as I speak. I was exempt. I have never stopped brain-typing

7. I am obsessed with crime shows. I love Law and Order, CSI. Without A Trace, Cold Case, Crossing Jordan. I even love Matlock and Murder She Wrote. (Don't laugh!) I could watch these marathons all day... but I don't. I love the justice and resolution of these type shows. I love to figure it out first. Sort of like Wheel of Fortune for detective wannabes. When i was a little girl, I fantasized of being Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden or a Charlie's Angel. (Again, don't laugh!)

8. As a senior in high school I was voted class "Loudest." I don't know if my voice just carries, I crave attention or if I have a hearing deficiency, nonetheless, I have a loud voice.

9. I call my children made-up names like "Pooker" and "Bo-Bo." There are a million more where these came from too. I don't have set names for each child I just make one up and use it. Even if I use the same name for each child, they always know who it is I'm talking to and the right child always answers. It's our love language of imaginary and made-up words.

10. I get up in the middle of the night after everyone is sound asleep to clean my house. I never do too much. I do just enough that I feel like I've gotten something accomplished and no one notices the next morning. Folding and putting clothes away goes quickly and nobody slips across a freshly mopped floor after midnight. When I get stressed over not having time, I always know I have the night. I haven't been night cleaning in awhile because I've been pretty tired lately.

Since I don't think anyone answered my first tag, I will tag Andrew, Grandmother, Mom, Tracy, Hyeong Sook and Jung Woo, Angie, Lisa, Renee, Kyle and Whitney.

Just tell us ten interesting and lesser known facts about yourself and tag ten or as many people as you can to keep the game going. Don't get stressed if you don't know who to tag, you can always name them later.

"You're It!"


Pam said...

Thanks for playing, Lisa. I had seen your first list when I first came to your blog and it's nice to see the rest of the list. You're a middle-of-the-night cleaner, huh? I wish I had that kind of energy!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

My sister and I used to play Charlies Angels. We would hid behind trees and sneak around with pretend guns. I always wanted to be able to ride a skate board like Farah Fawcett...I think we are showing our age!!!!

Renee Heaton said...

Wow, guess I better get to working on mine. It'll probably take me a couple of days to think of something interesting about myself! Ha...maybe more that a couple of days. P.S. I like crime shows too--hum maybe that will be one of mine.

mrs. smith said...

oh darn! i knew i should have been doing something productive with my time...
okay ill think about it

Angie Love said...

OK, I also love Matlock and Murder, She Wrote! Maybe that is why we always watched Silk Stockings together all of those years ago!

lisasmith said...

Okay, how could I forget Silk Stockings?