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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Friends, Finals & Farewells

It's May!

In College Station, May means finals...

End of the semester...

Wrapping it up for the year...


Goodbyes and farewells.

Our life still revolves around semesters and finals and college students.

I love this.

Except when people I love leave.

This year I was part of an awesome Bible study. It was fun and enlightening and encouraging.

There are only two or three of our college girls who are returning!

They all have neat jobs, ministries and opportunities...even the ones who don't see that yet!

They are going, almost gone, to medical school, ministry schools, Dallas, Costa Rica, Africa, Houston and other exciting places.

God will use each of these wonderful ladies in a mighty way to influence their worlds for Him.

I also was part of a wonderful International Bible Study.

We said goodbye to some already.

Some will journey back to their countries and return.

Some will have babies this summer and who knows if they'll be back in the fall. (I hope so. Babies are always welcome in my group!)

I loved being in Jan's group. I love Jan. I learned so much from this Godly "older" woman who has walked in faith for so many years, many of them in another country.

I know that our little group will grow and change. I hope to see these ladies, to keep in touch, to develop a stronger friendship with them.

They are beautiful.

My year has been very rewarding!

I love my lady friends.

I know that as some groups come to a close, new groups will form and opportunities for new friendships will open. Sometimes as groups end God makes room to start new things.

My ladies' Bible study next fall will be fun. I'm praying for these ladies now.

My fall international group will be filled with wonderful ladies who I'm dying to get to know. I'm praying for these ladies already as well.

We get to start a new home group this summer. It's going to be incredible. It's going to be built around the young, growing family. Yaay! We will meet as families the first week of the month to cookout or play games in addition to a short family worship time that will hold the interest of lots of young children. The second week of the month is for the men. The guys will bond however they choose. Whether it's breakfast on Tuesday morning or basketball on Thursday evening, they will bond and fellowship in male fashion. The third week will be couples' week. All couples will hire a babysitter on this week so we can dig into God's Word together and share issues that are relevant to our lives. The fourth week is ladies' week. We will have movie night or craft night or coffee night. We will have it while daddies father children. The months that have a fifth week, we will do a service project as families. Now, doesn't that sound fun? Doesn't this sound even more fun if you were doing this with about five or six of your most favorite families ever?

I love how God has called us to relate to one another in community. I'm a part of an awesome community.


Renee Heaton said...

I love your committment, focus and inspiration for myself and well as for these wonderful lady friends.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

What a joy to be surrounded by such a wonderful community of friends.
God is blessing you!!!

Angie Love said...

Season to season, God is so amazing!

Pam said...

What a fun summer you have to look forward to!

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

The home meetings sound wonderful. God is using you in a very unique way. Grandmother, Hugs

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Mothers Day to you too my friend.

I love you!!

Nancy Coppock said...

You are such an inspiration. Mark and I are starting a home group with some Korean couples. We are very excited about it. Pray for us as we get started. Love your happy face.