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Friday, April 27, 2007

Kindergarten Circus

Today I went to the Kindergarten Circus. What an oxymoron! I thought kindergarten was a circus. Wait! This outing made my day a circus.

Enough! This post is not so much about the circus. It's really about my tiger, Alyssa.

Now, I've been to the Kindergarten Circus before. I enjoy the Kindergarten Circus as much as the next parent.

But, today was super duper enjoyable.

My little tiger growled and clawed and arched her back. She raised up on her hind legs and clawed the air as the tiger trainer commanded her. She lept through the fiery hoop with such ease, finesse, agility, strength and height her costume of furry ears flew off her head.

Then I got a great look at her orange and black face filled with animated expression. She had a fierce and confident look plastered to her face. She was not shy at all. She loved performing as a tiger. She was full of movement, the sly, strong movements of a tiger.

She stayed in her itchy costume without complaining. She stayed in character with a roar stuck to her face.

She didn't just wave to me like the other kids. She clawed at me from the circus arena. She didn't yell, "Mama," she growled and purred like a big, furry beastly cat.

She acted just like a giant circus cat throughout the entire circus...and it was a long circus!

She impersonated a tiger in animated characterization with such careful attention to details. She knew traits and mannerisms of tigers that I have never really noticed before today.

The "animal angel" got to be a tiger today. Even though she did not get to be a monkey like she wanted (there were no monkeys in her class), she superbly and joyfully embodied the tiger with her whole heart. She did her very best and it was absolutely amazing!

(She said Jung-Woo could have been a monkey. His class had the monkeys!)

It was honestly one of my best moments as her mother. I was so proud of my tiger!

Alyssa is such a cute furry little tiger!


LIZZA said...


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

What a very proud moment for you mom.
Alyssa, I am very proud of you for staying in your itchy costume and being a tiger the whole time. You are really growing up.

Ms. Kathryn

Cherie said...

Little tigery angel face!!!

JungWoo Hong said...

I was really surprised to see little tiger.
You looks like a tiger.
Too pretty... Too cute...
I'm happy. I like circus.
I can't wait to show JungWoo.


lisasmith said...

Hyeong-Sook--I missed you at the circus. My favorite was the monkeys! I was a really fierce tiger!! I love you, Alyssa

JungWoo Hong said...


I'm fierce lion with sharp teeth.
I'm going to eat you.
Bye-Bye scary tiger.

Jung Woo

The Peahen said...

Sloan's kindergarten also did a circus play. Sloan was a seal. Too cute!