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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Supermom Strikes Green

"I'm hungry", "How much longer" and "Hurry" were only some of the phrases being repeated over and over in my backseat last night.

This brought back memories from my childhood when I was one of those little voices in the backseat. My mom made up a game that mt brother and I played every time we got stuck at a red light.

We would blow on the stoplight and use our "magic powers" to turn the light green. We had such a blast blowing on each other in our germy, spitty, kiddy way. My mom would say it probably got kinda annoying at times.

This is what happened with my kids...

The light was red. Every light had been red.

Then I remembered!

I tell the kids, "When I was little, Gran and I used to play a game. When the light was red, I'd blow on it and try to make it turn green. It always worked. The light always turned green."

One child says, "You blow!"

So, I blew...at the exact instant the light turned green. Seriously, it amazed even me. It was totally cool!

Shortly, we arrive at the next red light. They tell me to blow again.

I immediately see three flaws.

Number one, the game was created for children. The sole purpose of the game is to distract children from the fact that they are waiting. It is a game created to occupy their time making them blow all over each other and laugh instead of remembering all their former complaints. The game was not created for moms to blow just to see if they light turns or not

Number two, this light is not turning green any time soon for two reasons. It had just turned red. It was at the intersection of University and Texas. It was going to have to be one heck of a breath to turn that sucker green.

Number three, blowing air out of my mouth for long periods of time makes me lightheaded. That's why children should be blowing in loud, annoying gasps instead of me, their mother, but I succumbed to their pleas and began to ascertain the situation.

As previously mentioned, me being "grown up and all", know the light is not turning any time soon. What a rotten place to test my newly acquired super powers, Texas Avenue and University, the longest red light in town!

I stall and scheme for as long as possible. Then I blow and blow and blow and finally, the light turns green amidst many oohs, aahs and cheers from the backseat. This blew them away...literally!

I felt for a small second that I had arrived. I am not only the mommy they love, I now possess special super powers. I turn red lights green by blowing on them.

I almost ordered a cape with a giant "S" on it today. It seemed like a good idea. As mothers I think we should all get to wear one anyway.


Kathryn Berilla said...

You do have super powers!! When we go on the retreat can we play this game? I promise to oooh and ahhh!!!
Love you!!

Pam said...

Cute story... That is one of the sweetest (and most humbling) aspects of being a mother -- having your darling children believe that you really do know everything and can do anything! Of course, then the become teenagers... But in the meantime, what fun and what an awesome responsibility.