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Monday, March 19, 2007

Our All-Star

Julia is our star, our golden child. She does everything and she does it well.

This winter she played basketball. She was great!

She said it was a "rush." She said every time she got on the court she felt like she was on stage performing, like in a dance recital. Here, she is striking a pose on the court just after shooting her first ever basket. She was so at home on the basketball court, surrounded by teammates.

My favorite part of watching these girls play was the hugs. After each basket, they all ran to the other end of the court, hugged each other and squealed. Usually, the coaches would have to yell to get their attention to start playing ball again. They certainly celebrated each small victory...They did this after every single shot they made. It was so cute and girly!

People were asking how many years she had played previously and what league she had transferred from. I couldn't believe this awesome seven-year-old female athlete was my daughter! My team sports days were very long ones, very sad to watch and painfully short-lived.

I usually say, "Sports, ugh!"

But not when Julia's on the court!

She is a true leader in every sense of the word. She inherited Andrew's understanding of team sports' strategies. She knew where she was supposed to be at all times. She knew where everyone else was supposed to be at all times. If they weren't there, she walked them there.

Yes, she still had time to dribble, shoot and pass in every game. She shot and shot and shot. She made lots of baskets too. But, she shot...lots!

She is not a hesitator. She would get the ball, dribble it down the court and get rid of it either by shooting or passing.

If there was not shot, she would make one. She was described by the coach as one with "gumption."

She was not afraid to try to steal the ball either. She slapped the ball out of opposing players' hands on several occasions. In this league, the referees don't give many fouls. Julia got several. I was totally proud.

Andrew said he wished I got as excited about all sports. I guess it was because she's mine.

I was proud!
She loved the competition, the energy, the adrenaline, the fashion. Yes, I said fashion. She loved wearing the shorts, the shoes, the sweatbands. She fixed her hair a certain way for each game and practice.
Not only will Julia pass, shoot and score...she'll always look fabulous doing it! Like I said, she's golden. I love her!
You can check out her insights on basketball on her blog. You can check out Andrew's insights to her game on his blog by scrolling to archives and clicking on January.


Kathryn Berilla said...

Way to go Julia.
Lisa, I know you are proud.
I love those mommy moments.
It is so fun to see them do well and be excited about it.
Michael told me last night that he was rare, that he could read so well so early and do so well in school, that was really rare mom.
Too cute!!!

Pam said...

Isn't it wonderful to watch your child and discover they are a natural at something? I also discovered something about myself back at those first sporting events that my son played in -- it didn't matter what sport -- I would scream and cheer myself silly! We moms are a proud bunch.

Renee Heaton said...

I wasn't great at sports and I'm finding that Beth is not either! I find that I have to try hard not to be the "crazy soccer Mom on the sideline" when she is doing twirls and flips in the middle of the game. But I did play a lot of sports so at least I tried and that's what I tell Beth...as long as you try your best and are having fun (gosh don't we hear that a lot!).

texasmcvays said...

Jock to Jock...You go Julia!
(Peyton's Mom)

Whitney said...

i would love to see one of julia's games. i've played bball since i was 5 years old, for real.

ps i went to corner cuts, they did a great job, so you don't have to worry about me getting mad at you :)

lisasmith said...

Whitney--Basketball season is now over...I'm a little behind on my blog. But, there's always next year!

And, I've always been a believer from the "You get what you pay for" club but I am one to also appreciate a good deal. Glad you like your hair!