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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hunter Boy's Big Day

Today is a big day for my Hunter-boy. He’s four years old. He can run and jump and growl really loud.

Gone are the chubby baby thighs and here to stay, at least for awhile, are the long, skinny big boy legs.

He longs for the day he goes to school with his sisters but still misses his mommy and his home and his bed when he’s away for a day.

He wants to be like Julia, Alyssa and Cousins Jack and Cooper but wants Baby Palmer to be just like him.

Going to Sunday school, Friendship Connection and Cubbies are the highlights of his week and he doesn’t understand why we don’t go every day.

He’ll do almost anything for a chocolate bar and won’t go anywhere without his blankie.

He’s always hungry, is a bottomless pit and has a hollow leg when it comes to eating. He likes every kind of food he tastes even pickles and raisins…He just “doesn’t want any right now.” He’s the only kid I know who hates ice cream but loves the cone. At night he helps himself to peanut butter from the jar and potato chips from the bag.

He’s Daddy’s little man and Mommy’s little boy. He can punch Daddy really hard and tickle Palmer softly. He can touch gently and love fiercely.

He can be totally independent and a helpful teammate.

He loves his friends and knows everybody’s name.

He wrestles hard and hugs even harder.

He hates bugs and loves puppies.

He can ride a bike and a horse with the same amount of confidence and ease.

He’s a busy helper in the house picking up toys, washing windows and folding clothes. He can make his own bed and organize his own shoes.

He knows his colors, alphabet and numbers. He can even read a book called "Wimberly’s Ice Cream Star" by Kevin Henke.

He loves matchbox cars, trucks, airplanes, Spiderman, Superman, Curious George, Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

As my little boy grows into a young man my heart swells with pride and my eyes swell with tears. Bye-bye, baby Hunter. Hello, Hunter boy.

What a big day! Happy Birthday, Hunter-boy! I love you!

We had such a big time on Saturday. We took the limo to Chuck E. Cheese and the parking lot carnival. It was a blast!

Hunter's favorite present was a $5 bill. It was "a dollar with a five on it instead of a one!"

When I had to give Julia a dollar for dance, Hunter screamed that he wanted one too. Then he asked if it had a one on it or a five. When I said a one, he said that it was okay he didn't want one. He likes big money! Imagine if it was a fifty or a hundred...

He's really growing up!


Kathryn Berilla said...

Happy Birthday Hunter

You are such a big boy.

We love you, Ms. Kathryn, Michael and Alex

Lisa, I am glad your back in the blogging world!!!

Cherie said...

"Happy Birthday, Hunter!!"

Ah, the delights!

You think he's a bottomless pit now, hooo boy, better start building another pantry and buying bigger pots!


lisasmith said...

Cherie--Yes, I am amazed at how much the male species can eat. My husband and his brother once ate an entire Sam's Club family-sized lasagna with all the sides. (A favorite family story) I guess I know where Hunter gets it!

Kathryn--Hi! I'm back!

JungWoo Hong said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Hunter.
Happy Birthday to you.

We miss you so much.
You had great time with your family.
You're a really big boy.
Mr.Hong and JungWoo send their love to you.

I love you, my friend.

lisasmith said...

Hyeong Sook--Hunter still does not understand why I did not "invite" Jung Woo to his party. He thinks Korea is just a car ride away. He really thought Jung Woo would have enjoyed the carnival! He misses you all three so much too and sends thanks for the birthday wish.

We love you!! Hunter and Lisa and all the Smiths

JungWoo Hong said...

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
You like a monkey.
Happy birthday to you.
hunter sorry I didn't come to your birthday.hunter!I wish you can come to my birthday! can you come to my house? I love you,my brother.

lisasmith said...

JUNG WOO (yelling)

I want to come to your house!!!!!

Hurry back from Korea. I miss you!

I love you,