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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's JungWoo's Birthday!

Happy Birthday JungWoo.
Happy Birthday to you.
From America to Korea
Happy Birthday JungWoo!
Happy Birthday JungWoo! We miss you and wish we were there to celebrate with you.
You are so lucky that there is snow on your birthday. You are going to have an awesome party! We hope you have lots of fun with your friends.
What does your cake look like? We know your mom made it very special and tasty!
Tell us all about your party, your cake, your friends and your presents.
We love you and celebrate this special day that you were born. We are so very thankful that you are our friend.
Love, Julia, Alyssa, Hunter and Palmer

Check out Hunter's blog!!!


Kathryn Berilla said...

Palmer needs a blog too!!!!
How fun.

Pam said...

Lisa, I just read through pretty much your entire blog and I am so moved, from oatmeal on the floor, to the daily growing and loving you do as a family -- and I was so touched by your story of friendship with Hyeong-Sook.

It encourages me when I meet mothers (and fathers) who are raising their children with such strong faith/family values. It is a demanding job and there is no down time, yet you are unwavering and consistent in your Godly approach to raising your family. You are amazing! It is a treat to come to your blog!

lisasmith said...

Pam, Thank you for reading. I am touched. God brought me Hyeong-Sook because I was longing to go overseas on the mission field...that wasn't possible so He, in His goodness and sovereignty, brought the field to me. She is truly a kindred spirit, a dear sister in the Lord. I am also praying for your health today and until you are well.

Pam said...

Thank you for praying for me, Lisa. I appreciate it more than you know and give God all the credit for the care I received today at the doctor's office. I won't go into detail here but I've been needing a good doctor, the "right" doctor so I can get this back under control and today I believe that I am finally in the care of that doctor.