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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Alyssa is my thoughtful child. She loves words. She's talkative. She's in touch with her feelings.

I was rushing through the parking lot into the gym. I was carrying Palmer, holding Hunter's hand, trying to catch up with Julia and waiting for Alyssa. She was picking flowers, dandelions that had sprung up due to the many recent Spring rains.

"Hurry up," I said, "I don't want to be late to my class."

She picks a few more then runs to me and hands me a fistful of limp yellow weeds.

We all finally make it into the gym. I drop off the kids and as I am leaving the children's area for my class, Alyssa says, "Do you like your beautiful flowers?"

I say in the obligatory monotone way that implies hurry, hurry, hurry, "Yes, Alyssa I do."

She says, "I love you, Mommy."

I respond likewise.

Then she says, "When I give you a beautiful flower it is a way that I am saying I love you without having to actually say the words."

Then she takes my flowers from me and hands them to me again, an expectant look upon her sweet, radiant face.

I respond, more enthusiastically than before, "I love you too, Alyssa!" and plant a kiss upon her cheek.

She them proceeds to tell me that the flowers are a symbol of the love she feels for me and that if we do kind things for other people then they will always know we love them.

She's a sweet child. She's a contemplative child. She's a verbal child.

She's the one that can slow me down with just a sentence or two.

She recently took her Valentine's pillow that has "Kiss Me" embroidered on it to school in an effort to get her teacher to kiss her. Her teacher always hugs her but never kisses her.

Alyssa said, "I need to give Ms. Berrios a message. This is what I'm going to do." Then she held the pillow up and pointed to the words, "Kiss Me."

She's a cute one. She's a cuddly one. She's an affectionate one.

The other night she told me she wanted me to check on her while she was sleeping.

Andrew and I had been out of town for a few days. She told me she had missed my lips kissing her face while I was gone.

She said, "I need you to check on me all night long. I need you to just kiss me all over my face all night long so I can get caught up on your kisses."

She's the brilliant one. She's the creative one. She's the innovative one.

We were at a restaurant playing tic-tac-toe. I was X's. Alyssa was O's. She went first. Then I went.

Suddenly it was my turn again. I didn't see any O. I asked her where she was going to go.

She sighs and covers her face with her hands.

She then shows me the paper. There is the smallest O the size of a pin-head.

She thought that if I couldn't see the O she might have a better chance of winning!

She's a competitive one. She's a humorous one. She's a stubborn one. She's a perfectionistic one.

I love all the original, creative, humorous and wise things Alyssa says. I'm glad she loves words.

I love words and I love her.


Kathryn Berilla said...

I love the way you love, Alyssa. I will give you kisses anytime.

I am glad Alex is your best buddy.

Ms. Kathryn

Cherie said...

A gift of God is Alyssa, the gift of "Slow Down, Mommy, you are missing life!"

I know of what I speak....I have an Alyssa named Caroline! I know how you must cherish her - and all your little gifts of God. It's a beautiful thing to read about.

Thanks for the bio on another sweet child.

Pam said...

And I have an Alyssa named Lizzie! What would our lives be without the sweetness of our daughters? They remind us to stop and smell the roses in life -- sometimes they even find and point out the roses we miss as we hurry through our busy days.

lisasmith said...

Kathryn--You're quick!

Cherie and Pam--Daughters (and sons) sure are sweet! I love this time of year because my kids ALWAYS stop to smell (and pick) the roses, whether they look like weeds...or award-winning roses! I am so thankful for God's gifts of my children.

JungWoo Hong said...

How sweet!
Picking flowers is one of my favorite. JungWoo likes,too.
I miss your lovely voice.
I fell for Alyssa-isms.
I miss everyone.

Hyeong Sook