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Monday, February 05, 2007

Long Tearful Goodbyes

Hyeong-Sook left today.

We just got back from the airport.

It was sad.

I can't stop crying.

My cheeks are wet. My Kleenex is wet. My hands are wet. My shirt is wet. My lap is wet. My computer is wet. My floor is wet. I can't stop crying.

Julia can't stop crying.

She's at school...crying.

When we left the airport, she asked, "Will we get to be here to pick them up when they get back?"

I had to say, "They're not coming back."

She started to cry too.

I was already crying.

She finally understood the tears.

They'll come back...but not soon enough.

Last Wednesday I went to the school to help Hyeong-Sook
with a goodbye party for her son.

It was sad.

We played at the museum together after school and ate cupcakes. We all knew this would be the last time we would do this together. We didn't think about it or talk about it.

It was sad.

Friday we played at the park. We hugged. We cried. Palmer wanted Hyeong-Sook, "Oma," his Korean mommy, instead of me. It was wonderful and it was sweet and it was sad. It was freezing cold, our hands were numb and our children had pink, frosty cheeks but we stayed for over two hours because we didn't want to say goodbye.

We couldn't without crying.

It was sad.

Hyeong-Sook presented me with one of her paintings. It's beautiful. Its meaning poignant. I can't look at it without crying. I can't look at it without crying. We hugged and hugged and cried and cried. When Hyeong-Sook said, "I love you, Lisa, you give me everything," I wept. I am weeping for my friend, my faraway friend.

It was sad.

We took some gifts over to them last night. We really just wanted an excuse to go and invade their empty apartment. We exchanged gifts. I just stood there in the dark apartment crying while our kids ran around screaming in the pitch dark, very empty apartment waving glow sticks. There were other people there, all saying good bye. I just stood there crying.

Julia painted a really special painting not too long ago. She wanted to give it to Hyeong-Sook. They also have a special relationship. Hyeong-Sook encourages Julia and pours out love and affection on her. Hyeong-Sook seems to know just how to make Julia feel really special. The painting is lovely...sunflowers on a table. It's one of my favorites. I know Hyeong-Sook will treasure it, from one artist to another, one painter to another; they share a special connection. I pray it will last over oceans, over continents and over time.

It was sad.

Jung-Woo is so excited to return to his home, to see his relatives and to sleep in his race car bed.

I am sad.

I am crying.

Alyssa and Hunter think we can go visit Korea after school next week.

Jung-Woo says, "It's okay, I'm coming back." I am crying.

Funny isn't it? Most of these posts are about time flying by, about my babies growing up way too quickly right before my eyes, about how I wish I could have one more hour, or second, or minute in each day.

Time can fly so quickly...a new line can appear on my face out of nowhere, my baby can turn one, or four, or six, or eight out of nowhere. I can wake up and realize I'm thirty-something out of nowhere. Time flies.

Time flies unless you're anticipating the future. Time flies unless you just got a bad haircut. Time flies unless you're fifteen-and-a-half learning to drive. Time flies unless there are only six months left until high school graduation. Time flies unless you're getting married next year. Time flies unless you're eight and a half months pregnant...or unless you're waiting to be reunited with a loved one. Time flies unless you want it to...then it drags.

I'm usually one to lament the too fast passing of time. Now I am eagerly anticipating the passing of five whole years.

That's when Jung-Woo is coming back. I don't think he realizes that he'll be ten- years-old, that unless they send lots of pictures I won't even recognize him.

Five years.

That's when international professors get to come to the United States to learn lots of smart things at our universities.

That's when my baby starts school.

That's when my oldest baby will be quickly approaching the teens.

That's when I will be living in another decade of birthdays.

Five years.

I'm praying for five years. I'm praying Hyeong-Sook comes back to College Station (or wherever I am in five years) instead of a different university town.

I'm praying that my family can visit hers in her homeland one day.

I'm praying I get to meet the family she spoke of so frequently and so fondly.

I'm praying when we see each other again it will be like no time has passed.

I'm praying our families get reacquainted quickly.

I'm praying for more than a few months together.

I'm praying.

Praying and crying.


Kathryn Berilla said...

What an amazing and beautiful God sent relationship you had. I know they will take this back to Korea and others will see the Lord in them and want Him!!!
God is good.

Renee Heaton said...

"A friend loves at all times..." (Proverbs 17:17). Thank God for GOOD friends.