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Friday, February 02, 2007

Ground Hog's Celebration

Today is the anniversary of my first date with Andrew.

Thirteen years ago, we went to Olive Garden.

I talked him into trying angel hair pasta. He ate it all, I think. He didn't like it.
He never ate it again...still won't eat it.

I added bringing me flowers at the door, buying me dinners out and treating me like a special lady to the growing list of things I liked that Andrew did for me.

When we want to reminisce, Olive Garden is one place we go. It reminds us of a different time.

A time when we were just discovering our interest in one another.

A time when we didn't really know what we would talk about over dinner. Our greatest concern was when that photojournalism project was due and who the Aggies were playing on Saturday.

A time when we could stare at each other over silence, broken every now and then with a giggle... and that was perfect.

Now, there's a new Olive Garden. We can't go to the old one. We can't sit at that certain, special table and see the world once again from that young giddy person's point of view.

But, we can see the world from a mature, steadfast lover's point of view.

Now, we know what we'll talk about over dinner, if we get the chance. We have a whole life that we've built together. We must talk about the kids, the future, the office, the house, the car, the responsibilities, the obligations and eventually we get to talk about our hearts and how we're really doing.

I like life from this point of view.

Andrew jokes with me all the time that our first date was on Groundhog's Day because after that day I got scared and quit talking to him.

I think I was a little scared...scared of falling for him...scared of letting him really know me...scared of moving too fast...scared of lots of things.

Andrew has always been someone who knows exactly what he wants...and goes after it. This scared me.

I needed time to think...with no pressure.

I went into my little groundhog hole and thought, pondered and prayed.

When I came out...four years later...I was ready...ready to commit...ready to say yes.

Today I am thankful that Andrew always seems to know what he wants. I am thankful that he can take the world by storm...and win. I am thankful for his hard work, dedication and perseverance. I am thankful that he wanted me for his wife. I am thankful that I said yes. I am so thankful.

This groundhog won't see her shadow and hide anymore.


Renee Heaton said...

SO sweet! We love you Andrew!

Whitney said...

so presh. i love the likening of you to a groundhog, that's my fave part. congrats on olive garden lovin' :)

Kathryn Berilla said...

Praise God for coming out of our hole! I love how God is growing you both spiritual and physically!!