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Friday, February 09, 2007

Daddy Time

She needs time with her father.

That's what I told Andrew when Julia was about three-years-old. She was acting terrible. She was crying for attention and the attention I gave her wasn't meeting her need. So, I reasoned she needed time with her father.

At the time I was a bit frustrated with a 3-year-old, an eighteen-month-old and being pregnant-sick. Andrew offered to take Julia for breakfast at McDonald's. When Julia came home, she was a changed child...new and improved, at least behaviorally speaking.

I tucked this information away for future use.

I started to notice a trend. When Julia came home from spending time with Andrew, she was focused, quiet, respectful, peaceful. Saturday breakfasts have become a tradition in our family.

She needs time with her father.

The second the thought formed in my brain, I heard God's voice. She needs time with her father. "So do you," said God, "Time with your Father."

I remember being a child and feeling very special when my father spent time with me. My parents divorced when I was young and knowing my father would go out of his way to do special things for me went a long way.

Each year my Campfire Girl Club had a father-daughter banquet. My father was in the Army National Guard and every year he was gone to a training camp during this banquet. I always went with my grandfather. I was always grateful he wanted to take me. I always had fun. Even in the midst of the fun and celebration, I missed my dad.

One year my church had a Pioneer Girl Father-Daughter Hoedown. I was so excited. My dad would definitely be in town for this one. For one night I would get to be like all the other girls. I could go to a banquet with my dad. I would feel special and we would have fun. We did. It was a great party.

I still remember what we were wearing. I wore a green shaker-knit sweater and bluejeans. My dad wore a light blue oxford-style shirt, bluejeans and his ostrich boots. I was so proud!

This is one of my favorite growing up memories. I felt so special just being with my dad. I don't remember what we ate, what games we played or exactly what the program was about. I do remember being proud of my dad and feeling very loved and very special.

Tonight Andrew took Julia and Alyssa to the Children's Museum's Annual Daddy Daughter Dance.
We found perfect dresses. They looked beautiful. They were excited. It was a special occasion.

They got to get dressed up real fancy and beautiful. They got curled hair, high heels and lip gloss.

My prayer is that they feel like the special, wonderful, beautiful, worthy young ladies that they are.

They need time with their father.

They need time with their Father. I'm praying they see this at an early age...not just their need for salvation but their need for a relationship with God.

A living, active, two-way relationship full of communication, one deeply developed by spending lots of time together is vital to reaching our full potential, our calling, finding our passion in life. Only God can make that possible and make that happen.

A friend recently said that with our best friends everyday conversations aren't usually deep. They are just conversations that convey, "I'm here. I'm interested." Then when things get tough and we really need a friend, there they are. They know us and they've already made their lives available to us. We know they love us. Their love passes the test and the friendship is taken to a new level.

That's how it is with God.

I need time with my Father.


Renee Heaton said...

We are going through the terrible "threes" here too and part of it we know is wanting attention from Dad. I think at some point in our life we go through the terrible threes more than once. It is then that God says I am here....just be quiet and feel my presence.

Kathryn Berilla said...

Thank You Jesus that You fill EVERY need. I pray that when my boys need their father they will turn to You. Amen

Julia and Alyssa looked absolutely beautiful and Andrew didn't look to bad either!!!