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Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Memories

I have some favorite Christmas memories from the season that I'd like to share...some of my favorite new memories stemmed from old family traditions, like four generations gathering together in love...some from new family traditions, like "Lights in the Heights" with our family...some from friends and, of course, fun.

This year we got to do some amazing things over the holidays. We went to Christmas in the Park where Julia danced. There were several "moments" of the evening.

Watching Alyssa dance on the stage to her own music like no one was watching before the performances started was priceless...my little girl's growing up. She's becoming a performer, an entertainer in her own right!

Watching Julia perform was so fun...she loves to be on stage! She waved to us every time she turned our direction in her dance...too cute. She also stayed on stage just a little bit longer than everyone else in order to take a personal bow...she's been doing this since she was two-years-old and started her first dance class... again, priceless!
Then the crowning moment of the evening was the hayride we took together with the Hong family, in the freezing cold...we were so thankful for the hayride having waited almost two entire hours for it in the line through the field of mud on the edge of the super-busy, traffic-filled parking lot (talk about a challenge in perseverance)! The hayride was perfect, though, and made the wait all worthwhile...the songs were great, the cuddling was wonderful...a Christmas memory was made.

We worked on many Christmas creations...spending less time in front the tv, computer or other alone-type projects and more time creating (making messes). We made gingerbread houses. Guess which one Daddy made and which one Julia's team made...

We played long and hard with the play-doh factory and made a jungle (and a BIG mess).

We made snowmen, paintings, reindeer, baby Jesuses, cards, tree ornaments, Lego spaceshiops, scrapbooks, calendars and just plain old-fashioned cut, colored and glued.
We built cities, raced cars, created a jungle and camped out under the Christmas tree. If they could dream it up, make it up or build it up, we did it and are still trying to clean it up! But, it was lots and lots of fun! I'm becoming a firm believer in the bigger the mess the more fun it is...go figure.

Then we read and read and read. When it was bedtime, we read some more!

I loved that Christmas Eve was on a Sunday this year. One of the highlights for me was getting everyone dressed up in Christmas clothes!!! We looked Christmassy and the service was so special.

I loved watching my baby crawl around staring in wonder and fascination at the lights and special magic that accompany the specialness of a baby's first Christmas.

We love Christmas movies. We went and saw The Nativity Movie, a must-see for everyone. I loved it, I cried, I worshiped...a great movie. We watched Home Alone and laughed and laughed and laughed!

On Christmas Eve we went to look at lights in the limo...sounds like sorority mixer "Lights in the Limo." We took our friends Michael and Alex (and their mom, Kathryn). It was wild, it was loud, it was fun (although I was extremely carsick!!). Maybe it will become a tradition.

We saw family...almost all our family except some out-of-staters on both sides (who we missed). Our kids LOVED cousin time...makes for cute cousin pictures. We only have cousins on my side (so far) and cousins,we have. My brother has four kids. Nick is 13...the man of the group, but then there's Jack(8), Cooper(3) and Sophie(8 mos). So, seven kids 8 or under makes for fun times, lots of hide & seek, lots of football, lots of laughs and lots and lots of love.

We carried on our family tradition of acting out the nativity story. We read the Biblical account of Christ's birth and the children acted it out in full costume which the Mitchell family has been doing since we were kids and my cousins and I did it...a treasured memory to be sure.

We hope your holiday was filled with lots of love, old traditions and new memories too!

1 comment:

Kathryn Berilla said...

I have never been in a sorority before "the lights in the limo" was wild.

Your gingerbread houses came out much better than ours. I had a gingerbread shack. Alex just had coconut snow!!!