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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tag...You're It

I've been tagged .

I'm it.

I've been it for several days.

When I was in elementary school, I played tag. I wasn't the fastest runner, but I was certainly one of the smartest!

I would get tagged it and I would just chase kids around until the bell rang to go in from recess. I would be it when the game continued, supposedly, the next day at recess.

Then we would go inside, go back to class and do spelling or something.

I would raise my hand, ask to go the bathroom, walk across the room, tag that cool, athletic somebody I never could have caught on the playground and silently mouth, "You're it!"

I thought I was so clever!

You see, I will do just about anything to win. I am so highly competitive.

Wish that was why it's taken me so long to respond to this fun game...The real reason I haven't responded is...

1. I am a neurotic, spastic, overthinker. I am a calculated risk-taker. I have to think of every single reason not to do something and reason it out in my head before I take any action.

First of all, there are not five things about me Fly Kathryn does not know. She told me she didn't care. These five things are for all other readers of this blog.

Secondly, I don't think there are more than five readers of this blog. Who could I tag? Look to the right, click away, they've all been tagged! Then Jiffy Judy showed me they don't have to have blogs to play!

And, if I tag them, how will I post links to their pages? I'm going to have to call Kathryn to post links and publish for me...the mind is a scary thing! Anyway, you can all give me a hand. I learned how to post a link last night!!! Hooray and Yippy do the post-a-link dance...

Thirdly, I don't have time...but I started thinking; lots goes on in this head while sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and folding clothes.

Fourthly, I didn't know what to say..."keep thinking," I told myself. I waited and thought and now I know exactly what I am going to say. That's how neurotic I am. I have to have a complete plan for writing, every word exactly how it will be, in my head before I start to write.

I'm a neurotic, spastic overthinker.

I have to talk myself into everything I do. This drives Andrew crazy. He sets a goal and mows down every obstacle in its path. There's no talking him out of it! That's one reason we make a perfect combination!

2. Andrew and I met in photojournalism class at A&M. We were previously acquainted...we each knew who the other one was but didn't ever talk until photography.

That's where I put him to the test. It was a class high on projects and I was a student low on ideas. He bought my film, developed my film and took notes when I was too busy working on a tan and de-stressing by the pool to come to class. Needless to say, he passed this test and many others with flying colors.

The funny thing is, I now take most of the family photos and have the cool, professional-looking, big-lensed camera (thanks to a very fitting and appropriate Christmas gift from him).

3. Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson (yes, the pop stars) were in our wedding. Jessica sang an amazing "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris. Ashlee read a poem, "Dear Bride to Be," by Beth Moore...Who knew she was such a talented singer?

Remember, it was ten years ago. Andrew didn't even remember they were the same ones until I told him. I had to get the wedding pictures out to make my point. They always said they would be famous!

4. I get so involved in fiction, especially historical novels, I forget the characters are not real people. When I'm reading a book, I can't do anything else. I pray for the characters night and day until I can get back in the book. When the book (and sometimes movies) end I cry for days and obsess about what actually happened to those people for the rest of their lives.

Weird, I know. After I saw "When a Man Loves a Woman" with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia, I cried for, like, a week. I was touched profoundly by this movie experience!

I do the same things with books. I love to read!

5. I got stuck here but then once more (bright lights, loud music, please), Jiffy Judy came to the rescue...we have the same weird dream! No one knows that!

It's a tooth dream.

A recurring dream about my teeth falling out. They become loose and are just hanging there by a thread and I have to rush to the dentist before they fall out. I started having this dream about two years ago and have gone to the dentist faithfully ever since.

I actually wake up wiggling my teeth. I keep asking my dentist if this is possible.
I have been reassured I am not losing my teeth nor am I genetically predispositioned to any tooth-rotting diseases...but I still think I am when I have this dream.

I have it at least once a week.

I have no idea what it means.

I've asked people. No one knows.

Jiffy Judy has this dream too!


Here they are. Five things you never knew.

Hope you're enlightened. Hope you're entertained.

Hope you're not gettin' any ideas if you've known me a long time and come up with five more!

That's it...

Which brings me back to number one...Cha Cha Chandra, Livin' it up Tra, PC for JC Nancy, Cindy (because I miss you and you've got access to Sydni's blog), and Andrew (because this is my favorite date question I ask you that you sometimes:) find annoying) tag...you're it!


Anonymous said...

Well I knew all of them except for the tooth dream...I wonder if there is anything Biblical about teeth, if God is trying to tell you something!!!

I love that you love so much and so freely and care so much about Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia (I loved that movie and I cried too)

Well you can relax now, the stress of tagging is over...thanks for playing and making me happy and satisfying my OCD!!!!!

Jiffy News said...

I am not alone!! But I don't wish that tooth nightmare on anyone...seriously.

I have it about once a week or every other week too.

Someone once told me it's b/c you are stressed out or have alot on your mind. Who knows....

Thanks for sharing Lisa!