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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our Animal Angel

This is Alyssa, our animal angel...the animal angel. There is only one animal angel...the one who loves animals more than anyone else...Alyssa. That is her self-proclaimed title...it is very accurate too!

Alyssa loves Moxie. Alyssa loves Chloe, although I don't have a picture of Chloe. Alyssa loves Foxy.

Alyssa asked me (very seriously), "Mom, why are all my best friends dogs?

Out the mouths of babes...how sweet...how innocent!

Alyssa's favorite thing about Kindergarten...her teacher has a pet rabbit...in her classroom!!! Ferdinand is a rabbit that her teacher lets run around the room...it is very hard to stay seated when a bunny is running around your classroom!!!

Knowing what you do about our animal angel...could she have been placed in a better classroom? She thanks God everyday for Ferdinand!
Alyssa loves Foxy! Foxy just might be her favorite member of our family (besides Daddy)! Well, Foxy is her favorite dog...Palmer is her favorite baby...Hunter is her favorite brother...Julia is her favorite sister...I am her favorite Mommy...Andrew is her favorite Daddy...Wolf is her favorite big dog...you get the picture.

She spends the better part of her day carrying Foxy around...cuddling.

The occupations she wants to explore at this point are Zoo Keeper, Dog Catcher and Farmer...a farmer like Old McDonald...not to be confused with a farmer that actually farms (grows crops)...a farmer that cares for animals. We've tried to encourage a vet...but animal lovers cry when animals get shots. We found this out when I took Alyssa to the vet with me for the dogs' rabbies shots...she definitely cried more than the dogs!!!

This is a regular day around the Smith house...she'd rather be under a blanket with Foxy, one of her best friends, than anywhere else!!!

I think this is why God gave me Foxy...He knew I would have a little girl whose best friends were all dogs! Previous to marriage, I was not a "pet" person...I couldn't believe I had a dog at all when we married...I consider Wolf to be a big dog at 50 pounds; although, I am told by "dog" people that he is only a mid-sized dog...anyway, the fur, the messes, the stinky food...I mean, me with a dog...and then there was Foxy, my first baby, my number-one, little-girl love pre-kids...seriously, God knew.

He even gave me humor in this animally situation...at one point since we've been married, I had four...count 'em four...dogs in this house! God has definitely blessed my life with humor...and dogs!

Just last night when I tucked her in, Alyssa said, "Mom, I love you even more than animals!"

I love my animal angel.


tk smith said...

ohhhhhhhh! that is such a great post. we met a dog yesterday that A would have LOVED! her name is ginger and she is a golden like moxie but very very cuddly. she just lays around in teh sand and lets the kids play on her and bury her and then runs and jumps in the gulf with them to clean off. what a sight!
miss you guys!

Kathryn Berilla said...

sweet girl...she will grow up to have the most amazing gift of compassion.

I totally get her!!!!

Kathryn Berilla said...

Ok so Hunter can be her "magination" dog (dalmation Hunter style!!) and Alyssa can be the dog catcher for Halloween.

Julia can still be invisible!!!!

freemans4jc said...

How sweet. And I thought Sydni was the only one who had that great passion for the animals. It is great to see how the Lord has molded their little hearts.

Hope all is great with you guys.
I miss you!


Chandra said...

OH you made me giggle with Alyssa! Too precious!