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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Many Faces of Hunter

Expressive, dramatic, inventive and oh, so very cute...Hunter has the best faces of all my children. The following are a series of pictures trying to get one with a smile...everyone else was laughing so hard by the time we got the "gem" of a third picture, he couldn't help but smile!
This is his "fishy face"...the face made when giving Mommy a "fish kiss"...I love, love, LOVE this face. We make all kinds of animal faces and then make a way that they can kiss...this is how I get kisses all day long from this cute boy! No, I won't be posting my faces...they aren't quite as cute!
This is really just the determined..."I AM smiling" face...replace smiling with any other command that I give him and that's pretty much how he tries to convince me that he's obeying when we all know otherwise!
Here he is Mr. Precious, himself. Isn't this the face of one genuine, loving, hard-core-boy kid? Gotta love him!


Kathryn Berilla said...

I love faces. I love how they look so cute and don't even realize that they are cute.

Hunter is so precious. So loving and caring!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I loved looking at all the cutie pics of your kids.
Love your blog!
Jenn "Queen of Creamer"

tk smith said...

omg that is a cute cute smith boy. matt thinks he looks like andy in these pics. i think he looks so grown up...
and thats so exciting!
that little man is missed by us!