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Monday, October 23, 2006

JC: Seven, Sweet and Sassy

Here she is...seven-year-old Julia...the one and only. She had a super fun, super seven, soccer 1/2 sleepover party. We jumped on the trampoline and the bounce house, had a pizza picnic, ate a soccer ball cake and watched a movie in our pajamas and sleeping bags. It was so much fun!
Easy Bake oven, soccer ball, books, Barbies...that just about sums up seven!

Easy bake cookies and a game of soccer, anyone???

So, the Easy Bake oven brought back memories for me! I was so excited (and so was J) that the lightbulb actually cooked her food...mine never did! The real disappointment came when each family member sat down at the table and tried to eat the Barbie-sized cookie and piece of cake...disgusting!!! We all laughed really hard...the fun is in the measuring, mixing, stirring, pouring, and baking...the fun is, once again, found in making the mess!

Anyway, for my seventh or some birthday pretty close to that...my favorite toys were Baby Alive, the Simon that was electronic and you hit the colors when they lit up, Fashion Plates and Shrinky Dinks...do they still make Shrinky Dinks?

I was amazed that they still made Easy Bake ovens...so, what good ole toys are still out there?

Christmas is just around the corner...


Kathryn Berilla said...

How fun...she looks so big!!!

I loved shrinky dinks...watching them roll up in the oven...that was the best.

They do still make Shriky Dinks...Cindy has some in her pantry.

freemans4jc said...

Shrinky Dinks are the best and I think they still sell them. Mine is actuall in the pantry because I dropped it and broke the light. I will go on a venture, find another and purchase it, if, we can all get together on a friday night and have a shrinky dink party. You can make key chains and all sorts of stuff with Shrinky Dinks. The kids would have a blast. Unlike Easy Bake ovens (there is one of those in my closet too) the results are a little better with Shrinky Dinks.


freemans4jc said...

Your kids are great, all three of them. Thank you for sharing just a glimpse of them on your blog!

I do miss all of you so much!


freemans4jc said...

OK the last comment looks like I forget Palmer, I really didnt. He just doesn't have his own personal blog yet.

I also want to see the Lisa Fish Face! lol


tk smith said...

JC!! what a grown up girl!
wowie... by the time we get home they are going to be so much older and wiser...
awesome blog entry, lisa.
you've got yourself some fantastic kids