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Friday, September 22, 2006


Tadaaah!!! Here they are Julia 6, Alyssa 5, Hunter 3, Palmer 7 mos....Wait, I hear Julia, she's saying she's ALMOST 7...Mom emphasizes the almost. Sometimes I want to weight them down and keep them little. I really do love wiping (see previous post) and all things associated...sloppy kisses, excitement over the little things, humor that accompanies innocence, being called Mommy...I love this season!

Keep doing the picture dance!!! I did it...Hooray!


freemans4jc said...

If I don't do anything else today I will learn how to post pictures to this thing called blog!

The pictures are great, love those

Kathryn Berilla said...

That is the most precious picture. I love all their eyes and smiles.
Yay pictures!!!!

Chandra said...

I love seeing your pictures on there! One day I will find out how to put mine on here as well! Thanks for your encouragement. I love this thing! And, I also, love the wiping...